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ON THE HORIZON: The Manhattan Project
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The Manhattan Project

By Richard J. Cook

BT 201501 05 On the horizon hdsJzcDA journey through any major Chinese city will draw parallels to countless other sky reaching cities. Not only skyscrapers, but mimics of western icons. Like an individual, a change of hairstyle or clothing of the latest fashion displays image, and often (sometimes unfairly) another passing judgment. Generally, the same goes for the appearance of a country. If I say London, you think of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and if you've been there recently, perhaps the Shard. Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Arche De La Defence. It is the discourse of imagery and association you are using when you say the name of a place and then think of a famed image of that place. Recent trends have been to height and size. It has been said, "When there is no room to build out, you build up." Considering China's size and pomp we aren't surprised at the grand scale of the projects that are popping up throughout the country.

So what will this new column bring you? This is a project to bring increasing scope on China's, and more specifically Tianjin's, development projects that are underway. Not only this, we hope to bring you some of the facts and figures to bring you closer to some of the largest development factors that are materializing. We'll look to answer the who? what? when where? and why? questions and these details will fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, providing a bigger picture, and helping us think through what propositions will be envisioned as Chinese development seeks to conquer more titles and feats.

Goldin Finance 117

BT 201501 06 On the horizon iStock constructionLet's start with something local on parallel with the grand scheme of things. You may have noticed on a clear day a larger structure taking form to the west of the city. A beacon of towering height, this object is the latest flagship development for Tianjin. Named Goldin Finance 117 or China 117 Tower, the construction of this building will erect to 597m or 1957ft at its tip, meaning it will be the 9th tallest building in the world and 2nd tallest in China - iconic for Tianjin.

Who? The project owner Goldin Properties Holdings Limited, a well renowned and successful group, is striving forward with its "Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Project". The group is a leading specializer in the mainland property market, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As of 2007 the company began development of business property according to the demands within the mainland economy and targeting the high-end property market emphasizing excellence. With the securement of the symbolic Goldin Finance 117 project, the group is preparing to expand its quality developments to other major cities around China. Other associate project groups involve the well-known and established Arup Group, P & T Group and ECADI.

What? The complex itself will be a grade A host to elegant office space as well as consisting of a 6 star hotel at the very top of the structure, displaying the highest of quality in a truly golden project. Situated to the north of the compound an artistic shopping mall is underway to bring the target audience a range of top quality international and domestic shopping brands. In addition to this, a convention centre is to take shape as well to draw in the international recognition this mammoth project deserves.

Where? Towards the west of the city. The official address is noted as Haitai South-North Street, Huayuan Industry Park – an area soon to be known as the Goldin Central Business District (CBD). On a clear day the structure will be so dominating over the skyline a simple point of the finger and "那" will be enough for a taxi driver.

BT 201501 07 On the horizon 5 goldin finance 117 tianjin china height when completed 1959 feetWhy? Consistent with the Chinese government's chief economic plan of the "5 Central Cities of China", economic/infrastructure development demand is still and expected to remain astronomical. Tianjin is set to have its own Manhattan like areas to display symbolic economic power and advertise the vast service sector growth in the country. Mr. Pan Sutong, Chairman and CEO of Goldin Properties Holdings Limited, emphasizes Tianjin as a strategically vital location where designers and planners can envision and create excellence, citing Tianjin's perfect economic environment.

When? Initially, it was scheduled to be completed by this year, however postponements set the construction program back, and the current target for completion is now set at 2016.

We don't need to spell it out-companies like Goldin Finance are a major driving force and are here to stay. Getting on board with such projects is key for the investor, engineer or designer. China has now endeavoured on more milestone projects than any other country in history. The time is now to get involved, and in 2016 it is highly likely that you will be spending time in this new area, as restaurants, shopping and work will teem around this colossal CBD.


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