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MARKETING: Top 10 Mistakes in Social Media Marketing That you need to avoid
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Top 10 Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

That you need to avoid

By Anne Shore

BT 201609 110 01 Marketing Social Media MarketingYou can't overlook the power of social media. Social media is very important to increase your business exposure. But most businesses are struggling hard to get the result that they are looking for. Are you also working hard but not getting any results? If the answer is yes, then have you ever wondered why? The reason is the mistakes that most people or probably you could have been making in social media marketing.

To help you out here are the list top 10 mistakes that most businesses commonly make when it comes to social media marketing -€“ and also some helpful tips to avoid them.

1. Jumping into Social Media without any Strategy

This is the most common mistake that most businesses make and you could be one of them. They jump into social media marketing without any strategy regarding how it is going to add value to their business. They join social media, make their profile, post great stuff to attract visitors and then disappear. This is a huge loss of energy and time. If you really want to get results, be strategic.

Tip: First make a strategy of what you want to achieve from it, and follow that strictly.

BT 201609 110 04 Marketing Social Media Marketing2. Spamming

Another big mistake that people make is to post their links everywhere on social networks to get quick results. But they forget that everyone hates spam. So it never works.

Tip: Don't overdo it. Be patient and post value-added content.

BT 201609 110 07 Marketing Social Media Marketing
3. Fake Followers

The number of followers is of no importance. Of course, a huge number of followers look good but they don't add any value to your business if they are fake followers. So, stop spending your money and time on fake followers. You will get much better results if instead of wasting your money on paid followers you target and spend more time on increasing your fan base that is really interested in your business as fake followers only serve to hurt your business in the long run.

Tip: Make slow and steady followers who are real people. Focus on real consumer relationship rather than numbers.

BT 201609 110 05 Marketing Social Media Marketing
4. Creating too many profiles and trying to join every platform

This is another mistake where businesses make more than one profiles on popular social sites with link to the main website. But it's not only legally wrong but also a waste! Also they join every social media platform because they feel that it is important to be on every social media platform to get exposure. But they end up neglecting them all. And the results suffer!

Tip: Put your efforts in one place and master it. Do a few things, but do it well instead of doing many things poorly.

5. Not connecting with people

Some businesses join social media and do posting only. They spend a lot of time to prepare and post their content to their networks. But what's next? They do not respond to the comments and messages which makes the audience move on to other sites. Make sure to be social in social media, so interact and engage with people. This is one of the best ways to build relationship with your audience.

Tip: Set aside some time to respond to all messages and comments, even if they are negative comments. Try to connect and engage with people. And if they have any issue, try to find a solution. Remember, interacting is as important as posting.

BT 201609 110 06 Marketing Social Media Marketing
6. Too much automation

Another mistake is automation of your posts. Of course, automation eases out your efforts, but it needs to be structured. As no one likes to see 10-20 posts at once. This would cause fans to unlike the page or hide the posts and your webpage will look like another spamming site.

Tip: Automation should be should be done in limits. Rather than posting automatically it is good to schedule your posts.

7. Not Spending Wisely

The greatest charm of social media is that it is affordable. People spend so much on social media ads that they are left with nothing to spend on other things like SEO, which is equally important for your business. Also spending too less is not good as it will not generate any results. So strike a balance and spend your money wisely.

Tip: Set a weekly or monthly budget for social media ads and don't exceed the limit.

8. Inconsistency

Social media marketing is not a onetime work. Like any other marketing strategy - it also requires time, consistency and patience. The success doesn't happen overnight. After a few months of active participation, most businesses forget to update it or don't have the time. And finally, all your work and effort becomes a waste.

Tip: Set aside 15-20 minutes every day for social media. Don't try to complete it all in a day. Be consistent and keep your followers coming back. This will generate results.

9. Talking too much about brand

The biggest mistake that most businesses often make is talking too much about their brand. You might be over excited to promote your brand on social media but don't be restless. Resist the temptation; don't spend too much time and effort without getting any results.

Tip: Don't be overly promotional. Share some valuable content to show consumers that you care about them regardless of whether they buy your product or not. This will create a loyal fan base.

BT 201609 110 06 Marketing interaction management
10. Not knowing your target audience

Spending time and money without knowing your target audience is not at all a good idea. Marketing without focusing on your target audience may seem like you are working very hard, but at the end, you will not get any results.

Tip: Rather than aiming in the dark, know your target audience.

BT 201609 110 08 Marketing interaction management

The idea of gaining popularity and getting thousands of likes and shares can be overwhelming and exciting but businesses should avoid the above mistakes to get the maximum result. So, we hope that you can learn from the above mistakes that businesses make in social media marketing.


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