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2017 February Tianjin Plus Edition Out!
Published on: 2017-02-08
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TP 201702 900Hi friends, we hope the Year of the Rooster brings you happiness and good health.

With the New Year, we dedicate our cover story to a refreshing and natural sport: Sailing. We were talking with Chen Chou, General Manager of Hainan Ocean Race that is bringing the sailing sport to new heights in China.

This month's Feature Story covers the well-known Millennial Generation and the misconception we have about them. It seems most people have a wrong perception of this generation that it will guide the future of our lives. I hope you like it.

Through our coverage of Greenland as a part of global travel, we have strived to provide a suitable introduction to this freezing part of the world and hope that it might have favourably altered your impression about this destination. Another part of the globe that we have covered is Africa, under our Future section, and the point of discussion pertains to eco friendly and affordable methods of generating energy. There is something on local travel too wherein under Beijing Beats you can read about several hot spring resorts around the capital city and plan a trip the next time you intend to take a short break.

Under health, this issue provides you with useful tips that would enable you to fulfill your New Year resolution of staying fit and also advises you on how to identify, combat and overcome depression should the need arise. Parents can read all the information on separation anxiety provided under Baby Tips and prepare accordingly if their child exhibits relevant symptoms.

Get to know more about your city by reading about Maxims', the French specialty restaurant as described by its Executive Chef Alain Le Meur and fill yourself up on what the youngsters of the city have been up to under Education. Watch out for special days that mark this month, especially one that celebrates love in its splendor and check out our Fashion tips in case you are confused as to how to dress up suitably to impress your sweetheart.

Good luck with your horoscope and relationship status and for more information visit our website www.tianjinplus.com and follow us in our official Wechat account (ID: tianjin_plus) for more lifestyle information.

Best wishes,
Sandy Moore

Managing Editor | Tianjin Plus Magazine
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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08 Calendar
09 Partner Promotion
12 Art & Culture: Rooster's Business
TP 201702 ART 0114 Feature Story: The New Greatest Generation: Part I
tp 201702 fs03 编辑16 Cover Story: Leading China's Sailing Sport to New Heights
122 Beijing Beat: Spring to it over Spring Festival:Best Hot prings in Beijing
Tp 201702 BB0424 Looking Back: Growing Up in Tientsin: Anne Megowan
00628 Restaurant: Maxim's: A French island in Tianjin
马克西姆餐厅 环境 Photo 0607 1a32 Fashion: VALENTINE'S DAY READY
image434 Shops: Decathlon - The Sporting Paradise
tp 201702 shops 0136 Chitchat
TP 201702 Chitchat 0137 Relationship
38 How to: How to Rent an ofo Bike
TP 201702 how to 0340 Education: IST
42 Entertainment
tp 201702 entertainment 0244 Health Watch: STRUGGLING WITH DEPRESSION
tp 201702 health watch 0146 Beauty: Fit and Fabulous For The New Year
beauty48 Future: The Dark Continent
tp 201702 future 0150 Special Days: Special Days in February 2017
52 Past Events
54 Tianjin Listing Index
65 TEDA Listing Index
70 Global Travel: Bask in the Midnight Sun: Greenland
tp 201702 global travel 0272 Horoscope

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