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MARKETING: What do customers want from mobile marketing?
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What do customers want from mobile marketing?

By Anne Shore

Overview of mobile marketing

People spend much of their time on their mobile phones. They are involved in various activities like social media, product search, information search and more through their smartphone. It is a necessity for business nowadays to invest in mobile marketing. Mobile marketing can be defined as promotional activities carried out in various forms like SMS, MMS, apps and more for delivery to smart phones, cell phones, and other handheld electronic gadgets.

However, only investing in mobile marketing is not enough for success. A person should have adequate knowledge about mobile marketing, consumer psychology and mobile marketing strategies to succeed in the campaign. According to the research1 carried out by Pew Research Center, around 83% American adults use cell phones. Furthermore, 42% buyers conduct B2B research via mobile phone. These statistics show the growing importance of mobile marketing.

marketing 01
What do customers really want from mobile marketing?

marketing 02There are many companies who have already developed mobile marketing strategies to meet customers' expectations. However, it is not an easy job to understand the expectations of customers at an early phase of mobile marketing campaign. It requires plenty of research to understand the customers' expectations and companies improve their campaigns after making mistakes.

Expectations of customers depend upon individual tastes and preferences. Although customers' taste and preference vary from one individual to another, there are some common expectations shared by majority of customers. This section of the article will provide you with some valuable insights into what customers really want from mobile marketing.

1. Website optimized for mobile phone

Customers of digital age want the finest experience while browsing websites. They cannot tolerate unprofessional websites or websites that are not optimized for the mobile phone because it will obstruct them from having a pleasant browsing experience. One of the primary reasons behind customers spending lesser time on the website is because of its unfriendly interface and unpleasant browsing experience.

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For customers to make a purchase, it is a necessity to make them spend adequate time on the website. Despite having quality content visitors browsing from their mobile phone will not consider spending time on the website if it's not optimized for a mobile phone. With around 80% Internet users owning a mobile phone, it becomes extremely important for a company or a blogger to optimize their website for the mobile phone.

hl marketing
Moreover, it is also much likely that the customers will not revisit the website after having an unpleasant experience on the specific website. It is the reason why a company should focus a lot on optimizing its website for mobile phone.

Once Jeffrey K. Rohrs, vice president of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, explained that the customer's journey is made up of 1000s of moments and each one of them is equally important, which is the reason a company should try to make each moment valuable for the customer to enhance their level of satisfaction.

2. Interactive selling experience

marketing 04The competition in the digital world is really high. According to the study2, you only have around 6-8 seconds to grab website visitor's attention. If one fails to do that, then the potential customer will go away. Your strategy should be developed in such a way that the customers have enough reasons to care for a product demonstrated on the website. Products should be demonstrated in such a way that they raise the level of curiosity among customers.

It is necessary to provide strong reasons for customers to engage with a specific product. The ways of displaying products on the website or mobile application are also equally important to engage customers. When the product has a complex description, it must be chunked down into small and interesting pieces of information to make the description easier for customers to understand.

One of the best ways to provide interactive selling experience to customers is by providing them 3D products or interactive testimonials on their mobile device to grab their attention. Making use of animation or virtual reality technology can also be a good way to grab customer's attention to increase engagement. The increment in engagement can help to increase the conversion rate as well.

BT 201704 MARKETING 023. Customized user experience

Each and every customer has different tastes, interests and preferences. Using the same interface and information for each customer is not a good strategy to implement. Mobile users love customized information and customized interface to have a pleasant experience while browsing. In order to provide customized user experience, sales and marketing staff should include powerful analytics to track and measure all aspects of customer's experience.

This will not only help in increasing engagement in the present, but the information extracted from customers will help to continually improve user's experience. The companies can use the information extracted from their customers to modify the messages and to increase the time spent on the application or website through all channels of interactions. It can also help in improving conversion rate of the product.

Satisfied customers are likely to refer the product to their friend if they ask for the suggestion about similar products.

Final Verdict

Amount of time spent on electronic devices by the consumers is not likely to decrease in the near future. In fact, the study3 shows that the amount of time spent by a person looking at their phone is even higher than the time they spend looking at their partner. As the time spent on the mobile phone will experience significant growth, so will the competition in mobile marketing.

In addition to all the insights mentioned above, it is also necessary to be updated about recent news and trends to develop a great mobile marketing strategy. There are people who have high resistance to change, but to exist in the World of business, adapting to the change is a must.

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