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ARCHITECTURE: Vertical Green Gardens for Your Apartment
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Vertical Green Gardens for Your Apartment

BT 201706 ARCHITECTURE 01可持续发展与生态友好的理念不仅是环保行业的议题,更深入到了各行各业的方方面面,在建筑业中这一点尤其明显。如果你去过新加坡这个花园城市,就会看到到处都有被绿植环绕的大楼。这里所说的"环绕"并非仅指地面,而是指建筑外墙都有绿植。新加坡由于靠近赤道,常年炎热,建筑很容易被晒得发烫,内部空调功率耗费巨大。而披上了绿色外衣的建筑,不仅在视觉上和氛围上给人清新放松的感受,还在实际意义上起到了遮阳、降温的效果。



Some of the most important requisites in contemporary architecture are sustainability and ecology. You have most probably heard about the concept of green architecture. There is a chance that when reading this article you are already enthusiastic about this philosophy, yet the apartment or house you are currently living in may not meet those standards. Still, there are some things you can do by yourself in order to enhance your interior design with a modern green lifestyle vibe while also significantly improving the atmosphere of your home!

In context of a typical apartment, space is of prime importance. Thus all design ideas have to start with an efficient use of space, while providing a maximum degree of value. In these circumstances, the idea of green vertical gardens comes into play, thus maximizing the potential of the typical footprint of an apartment.

OCTAV ARCHITECTURE 01Generally, all vertical gardens have quite a few benefits: aesthetically they create a green (or even colorful) living wall with unique texture and appearance, complementing and refreshing the general design of the interior. A pleasant sight to behold for sure, being able to be the centerpiece of the design as shown even in different hotels or office spaces which used this method for entrances or lobby spaces.

Secondly, the green vertical garden has a powerful impact on the atmosphere of a space, softening it and making it more alive and fresh. The human psyche is comforted by nature and vertical gardens have the same effect: enhancing tranquility, peace and fostering positive feeling. Thus, a lot of times, the space near the green vertical garden lends itself to create a place to sit, read and relax. The experience of gardening, even in an apartment, has been found to induce a centered and relaxed state of mind. Other functions of these gardens are to freshen up the air in a space and to regulate the humidity and even the temperature of the room, all of which have a positive influence on the health of people living there. Moreover, green gardens can also be used for aromatherapy or to grow your own healthy herbs, vegetables or fruit.

In context of a normal sized apartment, the main spaces which lend themselves to introducing a green vertical garden are living-room space, balconies, terraces and even bathrooms.

Bathrooms can be very humid spaces, where the dimensions of space, materials and objects create a more closed off atmosphere, especially when there is only a small sized window present - or none at all. In this context, including in your design a moss wall will make the space more lively, bringing humidity to normal levels and having a beautiful impact on the overall interior design. Moss doesn't need much tending and it's easy to buy or build the frame to hold it. Our suggestion for a bathroom moss wall is to place it around the mirror, creating a fresh green frame for it.

OCTAV ARCHITECTURE 04In the living space, you can choose to decorate a strip of a wall - or even an entire one - with a green vertical garden. This can be a simple green surface when using the same species of plant (for example sword fern) or can be a colorful mix of different plants and flowers, like peace lilies and wedding wines. Either way, the stunning visual effect will be guaranteed. Place it on a wall which is visible from the couch area or the dining area and, depending on the species of plants or flowers you choose, make sure to provide it with enough light and tending. The kitchen could also provide a nice spot for herbal vertical garden. Try a combination of mint, parsley, oregano, basil, cilantro and maybe even some micro greens and baby greens.

Maybe the most used space for creating vertical gardens is the balcony or terrace. Here it is common to even create an efficient garden from which you can harvest your own vegetables, spices or fruit: from carrots, radish and garlic to lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and peppers. But you can also transform this space into a relaxing area with a vertical flower garden occupying minimal space so you can fit in your desired seating place and a small table or even a hammock! It could become your own colorful haven, your little slice of nature right in your apartment home.


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