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MARKETING: How Important Are Images In Your Marketing Strategy?
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How Important Are Images In Your Marketing Strategy?

By Anne Shore





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In this era of technological advancement, content marketing has become an immensely popular brand marketing strategy. Most people today have access to the Internet and with smart phones and tablets getting access to the online world has become a lot easier. One can reach out to a lot more people through the Internet today.

This advancement in technology has subsequently led to an increase in the popularity of web content marketing. With content marketing, brands market their products by publishing meaningful and valuable content on websites. Hence, most companies today draw out elaborate and well planned marketing strategies to promote and market their brands through website content.

Most brands draw out marketing strategies to publish valuable textual content. However, often the importance of use of images in website content is undermined.

Brand marketers should remember that images play an extremely important role in website content which is created with the objective of marketing. Any web content will look incomplete without the appropriate use of images. Moreover, it is a proven fact that viewers find any form of visual content far more appealing than textual content.

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However, brand marketers will also have to bear in mind that merely adding images in web content just for the sake of it will not suffice. Images will have to be of very good quality. Viewers will not be interested in seeing shoddy images shot in poor angles. Images should look appealing and should also have some relevance to the brand which is being marketed. Web content with proper images is sure strike a chord amongst far more people. This in turn will surely help marketers enhance brand awareness.

Here are a few reasons as to why brand marketers should use images for marketing -

BT 201706 MARKETING 02- Good images help establish brand identity: Good images can tell viewers a lot more about a particular brand than a huge chunk of text. Communication with viewers can be far more effective through images. Products of each brand have their own set of unique features and brand marketers will definitely want to highlight them in order to establish the identity of their brand.

This can be achieved very effectively through images. Images can express a brand narrative in various ways. They can express a casual look, something dignified and conservative or something sleek and sophisticated. This helps brands establish their own unique identity very easily.

- Good images increase engagement: A good image attracts attention of viewers instantly. If they find the image interesting, then they will go on to read further and find out what the web content has to offer. Hence, content complemented with good images is likely to be viewed by more people.

Statistics has revealed that articles with good images have received 94% more views when compared to articles containing only textual content. Thus good images will surely make the web content more engaging.

- Product images help buyers make purchase decisions: Good images are an essential feature of product marketing for companies in the e-commerce industry. Images of products help buyers get a clear picture of features of the product.

hl MARKETINGA visual image showing the different features of a product is far more effective than just a textual description of features. Good 3D images of products help buyers get a detailed view of the product which they wish to buy. This in turn helps them make a proper purchase decision. Statistics show that almost 70% of online shoppers prefer to view product descriptions with images before making any decision to purchase the product.

- Images help illustrate the content better: Having good images alongside any written content helps illustrate any point in a better manner. A visual depiction of the written point aids better understanding. This helps marketers to communicate their point more effectively.

Moreover, other types of images like graphs and diagrams help viewers understand points which are difficult to understand if presented only in textual form.

BT 201706 MARKETING 05- Buyers prefer viewing business websites with appealing images: A good business website will always display attractive and interesting images to draw the attention of buyers. When buyers view a business website they will look for something interesting initially which will be able to hold their attention. They will also want to get an idea about the company and its products at a glance. It is only when they develop an initial interest that they will go on to explore the business website in detail.

Buyers will also want to view images once they begin to explore the website. This will give them a clear idea about the business and what it has to offer. Buyers are also more likely to contact such businesses which have a well designed website with nice images.

- Image search engines help increase website traffic: Businesses which have good images on their website can also increase their website traffic through the image search engines.

BT 201706 MARKETING 07
The image search engines will always display such images on search results. If viewers find the images interesting then they will surely visit the business website. Thus, website traffic will surely increase in this manner. This in turn will have a positive effect on the company’s brand marketing.

All the above mentioned reasons must have definitely illustrated the importance of images in marketing. Images have become an indispensable feature in any form of content marketing today. The quality of all forms of web content is enhanced with the use of proper and appealing images. Images make content more engaging and also facilitate better communication with buyers. They improve the online visibility of brands and subsequently increase brand awareness.

Brand marketers should take proper care to ensure that appropriate images are posted. Importance should also be given to the quality of images. Good quality images shot from suitable angles are sure to be liked by viewers. This will surely help brands to successfully implement their content marketing strategies and promote their products. Thus, brand marketers should always include images in any form of web content marketing.

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