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LAST WORDS: Do Chinese Zodiac Signs Still Matter Today?
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Do Chinese Zodiac Signs Still Matter Today?

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Chinese Zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao, has a huge significance in Chinese culture. These animal signs have been used for determining a person's future and revealing one's personality and traits. In Chinese astrology, the position of things in space can predict a person's destiny and this is used as a guideline when making decisions and choices. This principle has long guided the way of living, thus making it an interesting factor in understanding culture.

Do Chinese people still believe in zodiac signs at present? A majority of students were asked about this and most of them replied, "No, we're already modern." Nevertheless, ask them about what year they were born and you could get answers like, "I'm born in the Year of the Dragon!"

last 02otwithstanding, most of the rich and powerful Chinese still believe in astrology. Their decisions in business were attributed to their belief of these animal signs. For example, a Chinese born during the Year of the Pig who wants to venture into a business can use the zodiac sign to see what can be profitable for him. The structures, design, location and furnishings should be based on feng shui. In fact, you can easily tell if a business is owned by a Chinese! You would always see red symbols hanging or being displayed in their stores because red is a luck or a celebration colour. White is a symbol of death. In terms of numbers, 4 is an unlucky number while 8 and 9 are lucky numbers. Even up to this time, Chinese prefer even numbers. They usually request prestigious telephone numbers for their business.

When finding romance, Chinese people also refer to zodiac signs to find their match. For example, if you are born in the Year of the Dragon, your best match would be someone born in the Year of the Rat, Monkey or Rooster. Most of them believe that finding their best matches would bring them good luck, fortune and fruitful life in future. One of my Chinese friends once told me that love is not their ultimate reason for marriage. Their compatibilities and future predictions would be enough to start a good life together.

With advancement of technology and the wide use of Internet, it seems everyone in the world can get closer to each other. People are becoming more open to understanding and are even absorbing other country's culture. For example, you can find a place in countries like US and Philippines, called "China Town", where Chinese people build a community. Apart from putting up their businesses, they also find themselves adjusting and adapting to their new home's culture. Even so, their belief in astrology is still visible in their lifestyle - the hanging red lanterns in their houses and business places, choice of furniture, money symbols, good luck charms and business practices. Their mobile apps still use these animal symbols with a modern approach. There could be a mix of belief and influence from other cultures, however, the use of these zodiac signs is still evident. Even Western people are somehow accustomed to these symbols.

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Lucky Chinatown, Manila Philippines

Do Chinese zodiac signs still matter today? Well, the answer is yes. As history proves, you can only understand the intensity and relevance of Chinese culture if you study their astrology. Even up to this modern age, no Chinese person would say it's only a thing of the past no matter how modern the technology is today. It's because their daily lives are affected and influenced by these animal signs, in one way or another.


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