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HR: 7 Ways to Improve Workforce Productivity
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7 Ways to Improve Workforce Productivity

By Betsy Taylor

BT 201707 HR 01每家公司都想提高工作效率。但研究表明,大量的非管理人员闲置,没有充分发挥自己的能力。如果你也面临同样的问题,那赶快一起来看看下面的七个提升员工工作效率的技巧吧!


Workforce productivity can be defined as the amount of goods and services produced by a worker within a given time-frame.

"Don't encourage overtime. Tell your people that the best way to impress you is to do a great job in the time allotted for it and then go home and relax" - The Mafia Manager

"Effective performance is preceded by painstaking preparation" - Brian Tracy

hl hrProductivity of the organization is directly proportional to the performance of workforce and is essential for organizational growth. It is the element of workforce that makes any organization profitable and successful. Employees that are not happy or contented with organization's workplace will only lead to a miserable environment.

It is not impossible to keep your employees happy. It takes only common sense and other factors like provision of benefits, growth opportunities, clear communication of goals and rewarding employees that motivate them to work hard and feel satisfaction.

Let's discuss some important tips for the improvement of workforce productivity:

1. Clear and realistic Goals and Objectives:

It is imperative that all the stated goals and vision of the organization are clearly communicated and understood by the employees. Unclear goals and objectives create confusion among employees. Goals must be realistic and well defined. Proper and full disclosure for your goals to the workforce will create an environment of mutual trust that will inspire them to work harder; it will make them feel significant and more satisfying.

2. Productive Work Environment:

Working environment for your workforce must be comfortable and free from unnecessary interruptions, noise free and properly organized so that jobs can be performed with ease and satisfaction. Furthermore, all the tools necessary to perform a certain task must be available within the organization. Many organizations today accept the fact that adding a little bit of fun to the workplace also increases productivity because employee stress levels tend to decrease and they work more efficiently. It must be a delight for the workers to start their new morning eagerly. Employees may be encouraged to decorate their individual workspace with motivational or inspiring quotes which can bring positive energy to work.

3. Reward system for productive employee:

BT 201707 HR 04 编辑
It is reflective of motivation. Rewarding your most productive employee also increases their drive to work harder and put some extra effort. It is imperative that company must reward the employee who is most productive rather than one that is the busiest because the employees that are busiest aren't always productive. The reward in terms of money is not as important compared to the value of a gift as a token of appreciation for their hard work. Employees can be rewarded with thank you notes, recognition shields, bonuses and training opportunities.

4. Virtual office

Technology has opened new lines of operating business remotely without inducing huge costs. Recent research has shown that 56% of entrepreneurs specifically for small business use virtual offices where work can be done with the conventional desktop. Such type of operations helps the availability of employee round the clock, reduces the problem of commuting to the workplace and also has low installation costs.

5. Meetings

BT 201707 HR 06 编辑
Meetings are an effective way of communication between employees and the organization but sometimes they don't provide the required results because it is very critical to understand about the availability of concerned employees. Meetings must be conducted bi-weekly or once in a month. It helps to understand the psyche of the workforce and the job requirements and the expectation of the organization. Meetings help to re-energize the workplace environment. Organizations need to set up meetings whenever possible so that employees may communicate their feelings, concerns and frustrations. It helps to understand how to work on the reservations of the workforce by improving their productivity.

6. Empowerment

BT 201707 HR 07 编辑
Everyone loves when they are empowered. It creates a sense of ownership. It involves training to act individually by not being micro-managed, appreciating them for innovations, self-improvement and facing new challenges and opportunities. Such type of atmosphere will help them to engage employees more and they perform beyond expectations.

7. Flexible hours

There must be flexibility in working hours, the motto of working from 9 to 5 is now getting outdated and because of technological advancements people working at night are found to be more productive. Every human being has his own working capacity and many people start to get energized by the mid of the day rather than at 8 o'clock in the morning. Flexible working hours will help every individual to work better and they tend to be more productive.

Workforce/ employees are the mainstream of the organization. Any organization without a contented workforce can never achieve its goals. If the workforce is satisfied with the goals, workplace environment, performance and appraisal system can bring about results beyond expectations. One to one meetings also prove to be fruitful where one might be hesitant to express views in general meeting. These main tips can help run any organization in a smooth and positive manner.

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