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Business Tianjin – 2017 July Edition Out!
Published on: 2017-07-03
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BT 201707 340x458BT 201707 QR PDFTEDA is located in the core area of Binhai New Area of Tianjin and happens to be a leading investment spot in Asia-Pacific and therefore in the world. Together with Yujiapu, a peninsula shaped like a whale, just 10-minutes drive away, these are actually the most dynamic areas of Tianjin.

We had the privilege this month to talk with Javier Gimeno, General Manager of Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Convention Center Hotel, the first and most emblematic Five Star Hotel in TEDA which was recently upgraded by adding the Marriott Executive Apartments TEDA - Tianjin. We asked him what made this hotel a unique option for business travelers in the heart of TEDA.

Economic analysts are pointing to a full-year worth of growth to be higher than what the government expects at its expectation of 6.5% gross domestic product growth. This is largely a result of an increase in global trade and global economic activity which will also be higher than what was previously expected during the beginning of the year when the 6.5% growth expectation was announced.

Our Feature Story is dedicated to the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (SED), a high-level bilateral dialogue between the United States and China, with the aim of discussing a wide range of regional and global issues of immediate and long-term strategic and economic interests. At the 2016 S&ED meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the need for both countries to establish "fundamental, strategic and mutual trust." "There is no reason to fear having differences, the key is not to adopt a confrontational attitude towards any differences," Xi said.

Our IPR section provide some hints as in how to protect your property rights in the tourism industry and you can also learn how to become a marketing genius in another of our recommended articles from our editorial team. And don't miss our HR column to know of other ways to improve productivity of your workforce.

Check also our column about technology to see what the future has in store for us as regards autonomous cars and how our expert in management explains the way to identify 'A' players in your organization.

Visit our website www.businesstianjin.com and follow us in our official Wechat account (ID: business_tianjin) for more on latest trends and information.

Best Wishes,

Mary Smith

Managing Editor | Business Tianjin Magazine
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天津泰达经济技术开发区是天津滨海新区的核心区域,也是亚太地区甚至全球领先的投资圣地。近年来这里发展迅速,市场活跃。本月我们有幸与天津万丽泰达酒店的总经理何民乐(Javier Gimeno)先生亲切交流,了解万丽酒店与万豪行政公寓的情况,相信这里也为来到泰达的商务旅客提供了独特的新选择。在知识产权方面,我们会为您介绍如何保护您在旅游行业的财产权益,希望在营销方面更进一步的读者千万不要错过我们的"Marketing"专栏;另外,本期还会帮助大家了解如何辨别一个真正出色的优秀员工。最后,我们将带领读者近距离了解无人驾驶车,介绍这项新技术的普及应用情况, 更多精彩,请访问我们的网站www.businesstianjin.com或关注我们的微信公众号:business_tianjin




10 ECONOMY: Consumption is maintaining steady degree

BT 201707 ECONOMY 0212 FEATURE STORY: U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (SED)

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25 REAL ESTATE: Interesting Retail Changes And How They Will Affect the Retail Market in Tianjin

BT 201707 REAL 0228 IPR: IPR in Tourism Industry in China

BT 201707 IPR 0531 MANAGEMENT: How to Identify "A" Players in Your Organization?

BT 201707 MANAGEMENT 0434 MARKETING: How to Become a Genius of Marketing

Marketing Genius 1940x1940 137 LEGAL ASSISTANCE: The Latest Changes in Chinese Environmental laws (PART II)

BT 201707 LEGAL 0241 TAX & FINANCE: Super Tax Incentives for Venture Capital Enterprises and Angel Investors

BT 201707 FINANCE 0144 HR: 7 Ways to Improve Workforce Productivity

Productivity 146 TECH: Autonomous Cars Are Coming, Get Ready For Them

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62 ART & LEISURE: Parks of Amusement

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