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American designer helps bring out the beauty of Chinese culture
Published on: 2017-08-21
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Brian Linden, an American bread and breakfast inn designer who reworked an ancient courtyard manor in a scenic city in southwestern China, will attend a two-day forum in late August in Tonglu County, Hangzhou.

A group of excellent designers will gather in the demonstration county to explore possibilities for China's rural development.


Linden is known for the Linden Center, a pristine Bai-style inn and the only nationally-protected heritage site in Dali City, Yunnan province, where visitors are immersed in authentic Chinese culture and architecture.

Chinese culture and architecture are full of charm. What designers need to do is to discover that charm and keep it real and authentic instead of catering to modern taste, Linden said while talking about his design philosophy.

The 14-room hotel has more than 50 employees, most of whom are locals. The hotel also provides unique experiences for young Americans, offering internships and the opportunity to get immersed in local culture and customs, Linden said.


Meanwhile, coordinated action is required to achieve sustainable development for bread and breakfast and boutique village inns, the designer said.

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