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Tianjin Plus - 2017 September Edition Out!
Published on: 2017-08-30
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For the term 2017-2018, TEDA International School (TIS) has a new headmaster who is in charge of making good character, communication, creativity, critical thinking - all pillars of the TIS educational system - flourish. Tianjin Plus has the great opportunity to have an insightful chat with Timothy D. Warren. He has been working in the educational system for almost two decades and has traveled the world focusing on international school leadership and creating the right academic medium where both teachers and students engage, bond and evolve.

National Games is changing for few days the face of Tianjin and people are coming to visit the city, participating and enjoying this unique event. We wish all the players, volunteers, visitors and local people a successful and entertaining time. It will end on September 8th but the spirit of the games will last forever in our hearts.

Now the education term starts, our expert provide some advice to cultivate healthy habits for a successful school year. This issue comes with many interesting articles. You can get tips to improve the air quality in your house, how to introduce greenery into your looks, how to tone your body with yoga, what nutrition habits you should avoid forever, know the keyless future, how to have a productive meeting and where to go to see acrobatics in Beijing.

You should not miss our travel articles to get ideas for your vacations and unique escapes. Visiting Australia for its Great Barrier Reef can simply make a big difference, but if trekking is what you want then Minya Konka with 7,556 meters, the highest peak in Sichuan and one of the highest in China, has something to offer that you cannot compare to other trekking destinations in the world.

Visit our website www.tianjinplus.com and follow us on our official Wechat account (ID: tianjin_plus) for more great articles and information.









10 Calendar

12 Partner Promotion

14 Art & Culture: The Philosophy of Wind and Water
TP 201709 ART CULTURE 08 216 Feature Story: Tips to Improve Air Quality in Your House
TP 201709 FEATURE STORY 0118 Cover Story: Emphasis On Service Learning
TP 201709 Cover story 0124 Beijing Beat: Where to Go to See Acrobatics
TP 201709 BEIJING BEAT 0126 Restaurant: Gang Gang Restaurant
TP 201709 RESTAURANT 01 AVA 164829 Chitchat:Stella Sabbatini
TP 201709 CHIT CHAT 02 230 Fashion: How to Introduce Greenery into Your Looks

36 Interior Design: How To Get A Beach/Farmhouse Inspired House?
Pic 132 Shops: Nasca Linien: Men Suits & Lady Dresses
04240 Nutrition: Nutrition Habits You Should Avoid Forever
TP 201709 NUTRITION 0243 Slang Bang: A Taste of Your Own Medicine


44 Nightlife: La Reine: The Queen of all Bars
7D0A4256 2

46 International School of Tianjin

47 Wellington College International Tianjin

48 Healthy Habits for a Successful School Year
TP 201709 EDUCATION 0550 Health Watch: Sight Difficulties
TP 201709 health 0152 Fitness & Gym: How to Tone Your Body with Yoga
TP 201709 GYM 1154 Future: The Keyless Future
TP 201709 FUTURE 02 256 Entertainment
57 Past Events

58 Tianjin Listing Index

69 TEDA Listing Index

72 China Travel: Minya Konka: A Trekking Getaway
TP 201709 CHINA TRAVEL 0875 Global Travel: Spending Your Vacation at the Great Barrier Reef


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