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ARCHITECTURE: Modern Technology for Your Home
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Modern Technology for Your Home

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In this era of rapid technological advancement, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and efficient optimization, at times we feel as though we don’t really use everything we could to enhance our lifestyle. Sometimes we don’t even know that some options exist or that they are accessible and easy to use. In this article we intend to walk you through some of the most interesting and accessible systems out there today and others which will be on offer in the near future.

BT 201709 ARCHITECTURE 04 153054548Almost everybody living in big cities nowadays owns a smartphone. But very few actually use them for their whole potential, especialy when at home. Allthough some methods are known and more common – like connecting your device to your laptop or smart TV – this is just a small part of optimisation that you can do using your smartphone. Nowadays, the idea of a Smart Home is trending more and more. What does it mean? It means essentially that everything in your home is interconnected and can be controlled remotly using any of your devices - your phone or even your voice. Moreover, smart systems can even adjust different aspects for you on their own! Of course you can change these settings manually but different software and optimisation algorythms offer a time and energy saving alternative.

So what do these systems actually control? The main network in the house which can be through old school cable, bluetooth, wifi etc, connects everything that is open to the network. Let’s start with electronics like TVs’, laptops, phones, different gadgets and the sound system. All these can now be controlled directly. On top of this, installing a location tracker for inhabitants will autoadjust a lot of settings for you directly. Are you interested in listening to your favorite songs while cooking in the kitchen? The sound surround system plays it while you are there but when you move to the dining room, it automatically starts the music in your new location while shutting it down in all the empty spaces.

This same method can also automatically adjust the lighting of the room, depending on the space you are in and on the moment of the day. During morning and evening the lights in the room which you are in are turned on to supplement the natural light coming in. During the day they are closed if the natural light is enough and during the night they turn on, giving you at every turn the optimal amount of light you need. They can adjust by one button press or voice command to your activity.

Even more, if you include in the network a shader system for your windows, they will automatically open or close to the right amount to offer an optimal light setting and also maintain the temperatures in an energy efficient way. During summer, they block the sun to reduce energy used for cooling the air while in winter they let more sun in to help heat up the space. Such systems are now very often used for energy efficient office buildings or optimized houses. Using sensors and monitoring interior conditions can now be included easily in your home design while the extra budget will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Other aspects controlled in Smart Houses are humidity, noise level, energy systems (like solar or photovoltaic panels) and even monitoring of your plants. New methods of controlling this system are now very accesible, easy to use by voice command or with your phone. Soon there will even be an accesible infrastructure to enhance your home with virtual reality, as some major companies are working in this direction and will release commercial options probably soon enough. These will also feature gesture recognition to make communciation with the system even more natural and direct.

BT 201709 ARCHITECTURE 08Last but not least, your personal AI assistant will help you to monitor and control all these aspects, interact with you, give you tips, send or receive your messages and even chat with you or inform you of the different topics of interest. As robotics and artificial intelligence advance further and further, limits of new technologies and development are endless, transforming every SCI-FI lover’s dream into a real life situation.

You can start planning your new home by including these cost and energy efficient systems or adapt your existing house to modern technology available today. As it will optimize and efficiently control a large range of aspects in your home, be sure that it is worth the effort. And let’s be serious, who wouldn’t want to live in such an interconnected Smart Home which really brings everything together for you at a touch of your phone or at the sound of your voice?

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