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TECH: Telehealth, Medical Care for You 24/7 & 365 Days a Year
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Medical Care for You 24/7 & 365 Days a Year

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Science has progressed by leaps and bounds. Technology is at par. Today you can take the benefit of technology from any corner of the world. Technology has made it feasible to avail all health related services, thanks to telehealth.

What is Telehealth?

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Telehealth is termed as the exchange of crucial data between the patient who is sitting at his or her home and the clinicians who are located far away from them. This helps the clinicians to assist in the diagnosis of the disease and monitoring the patients who might be suffering from a long term medical condition. Disease that can be monitored by the use of this technological service includes COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Epilepsy, Diabetes and CHF (Chronic Heart Failure).

Other areas where the patient and the clinician can take advantage of Telehealth include:

- Physical and occupational therapy
- Chronic disease monitoring and management
- Dentistry
- Home health
- Disaster management
- Consumer and professional education
- Counseling
- Defining Telehealth in Policy

It can be said that via Telehealth, a person can take charge of his/her own health. This service allows the patient to monitor his/her health by using mobile or fixed home units. A patient can easily monitor blood pressure, temperature and other vital statistics that are important for clinical review. This especially helps when the patient is at any remote location and cannot access direct treatment. In this case he/she can contact the doctor using wireless technology or phone lines.

Telehealth service incorporates the use of various technologies to offer virtual medical, health as well as education services to patients.

Telehealth: The Growing Trend

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Numerous benefits offered by this technological intervention have opened many new horizons for patients as well as health care providers. More and more health care providers are beginning to trust this service to their patients and patients are actively taking the Telehealth package.

With the use of Telehealth services, the patient becomes his/her care taker and imparts important information to the Telehealth monitoring center or the health care professional via broadband or phone lines. Continuous flow of critical data helps the patient to stay in normal state and receive the required medical attention before he or she slips into a critical condition.

The moment the clinician sees any vital sign beyond the normal limit, he can offer an appropriate response before the condition of the patient aggravates.

Telehealth service is tailored for individual patients according to their medical needs. Patients are offered service packages according to their condition. As already mentioned, the patient is given a mobile or a fixed home unit to monitor his/her condition.

Benefits of Telehealth

BT 201709 TECH 08Telehealth service benefits people at both the ends of the spectrum. Both clinicians as well as the patients can derive a lot of advantage from this service.

The biggest benefit that the patient has is that he becomes his own healthcare in-charge and this helps him to develop a better understanding of his long term medical condition.

For clinicians, Telehealth offers a great advantage as it gives them a chance to get actively involved in the journey of well-being of a patient. The care pathway needs clinicians to actively participate in the whole process and so the clinicians find themselves assisting the patients in every step through timely interventions. They also help in improving the quality of life of the patient.

Telehealth Modalities

There are four distinct applications of Telehealth. They are:

Live Video (Synchronous)

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In this, the patient, caregiver or the care provider can interact with the service provider directly via live, two- way interaction through audiovisual telecommunication.

Store And Forward (Asynchronous)

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Here recorded health history (digital images like photos, x- rays or recorded videos) is exchanged via secure electronic communication systems. The specialist then evaluates the provided information.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

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In this medical or personal health data is taken from an individual at one location using electronic communication technology and then it is transmitted to the provider in another location for use in care or support.

Mobile Health (mHealth)

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This aspect involves the use of healthcare, public health practice as well as education using mobile communication devices like cell phones, PDAs and tablets.


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