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HR: Future of Performance Management
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Future of Performance Management

BT 201710 HR 02      谷歌人力资源副总裁拉斯洛•博克 (Laszlo Bock)曾在自己的著作《重新定义团队:谷歌如何工作》一书中提到:谷歌每年的内部调查,绩效管理的满意度一直是最低的。在2013年初,只有55%的谷歌员工,认为公司的绩效管理令人满意。虽然,这个比例比许多其他公司的30%要高,但依然很糟糕。随着小米扛起反对KPI的大旗,百度反思起绩效考核的弊端,“绩效考核已死”的口号再次响起。过去,大家都学KPI、BSC,但换来了员工的反感和HR的抱怨,认为绩效考核只是用来扣钱的工具,对提升绩效完全没用。但是更多的企业管理者也意识到,完全的去KPI化并不是绩效管理的政治正确,绩效告诉了企业如何在有限的投入下获得最大的成长。从这一点来讲,一个企业不谈绩效是不可想象的。那么,有哪些策略可以帮助我们实施绩效管理呢?


BT 201710 HR 06Performance management is basically about measuring the progress of the organization against its set objectives and taking appropriate steps for improvement. It involves analysis, evaluation of the progress made by a business over a certain period of time against their targeted achievements. Measurement of achievement is crucial for a business to determine whether it is moving in the right direction or not. The prime purpose of performance management is multi fold.

Measuring achievements helps a business to figure out its overall efficiency. If the current progress of the business is below its targeted objectives, it implies that the efficiency of the business is not utilized to its optimum level. Based on the report, the business can actually make necessary amendments in its future activities that could help improve the efficacy so that it attains its objectives within the certain time-frame in the near future.

Performance management also helps depict the productivity of a company. It gives a very clear picture about the overall production capacity of a business against its actual production at different levels. If a business observes a fall in its productivity level, it is certainly going to have a negative impact on its operations which is going to increase the cost of production.

Similarly, if the productivity level of a company has increased, it will experience decrease in the cost and this will boost the profit which is the prime aim of the business. Tracking progress allows a business to measure its productivity and can make changes in its policies and strategies to boost the productivity level.

BT 201710 HR 01Keeping track of business’ performance allows it to determine the loopholes in the strategy. Such loopholes basically act as prime obstacles for the success of the company. Based on the report, the business can easily sort out measures that can help tackle these loopholes and bring the business on its right path of progress.

Different Strategies That Can Help With Performance Management

All businesses whether big or small need to perform to their utmost potential to succeed in this extremely competitive business environment. Improvement performance management can aid a business and the teams to accomplish their priorities and meet targets.

Strategies that can be utilized include:

BT 201710 HR 07- Strategies Sales Training

The training process helps transforms the way the sales personnel think. This helps them understand how their clients think before making a vital decision of buying a product/service. Several aspects influence the buying process and awareness about it can greatly help improve the response to a client.

- Management

Managers must stay focused if they want to create a high performance environment for their teams and generally this becomes tough for them due to several kinds of pressures. When a high performance environment is created, it helps teams to consistently deliver nothing less than the best. Managers must prioritize things and distinguish scenarios that they can control and are beyond their control.

- Strategic Account Management

A focused approach to accounts management can certainly help in building up a long-term relationship with clients. It helps the team to focus beyond short-term objectives. Competitive advantage is attained as the team is able to proactively react to certain requirements of its clients.

- Leadership

This happens to be the toughest challenge for all leaders out there to stay focused on strategic issues that perhaps determine the future course of business. Creating a right balance between motivation and discipline helps build a high performance environment. This allows people to be rewarded not only for results but also for processes that help accomplish them long-term.

- Customer Support

Customers need to be valued and understood if a business intends to deliver good customer support. One of the crucial aspects that need to be understood here is that outstanding customer support is imperative for business growth. It is best to have a well-defined strategy that is rightly integrated at every level of business.

- Strategic Implementation

Strategy of a business must make sense and should be clear to everyone from top to bottom. Once everyone understands what is required to be done and works in alignment, the practice can lead to greater efficiency.

While a detailed strategy is passed on at every level of the business, it allows people to make connections between individual tasks that they work on and the overall objectives of the business. When people know about their priorities, it allows them to work collectively towards accomplishing them.

Improving performance management can greatly help deliver results even under pressure. It aids understanding of several complexities that are associated with organizations in a much simpler and clearer manner. As the pressures are handled in the right manner it helps the team as well as the management to focus better on objectives and strive to accomplish them.


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