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Business Tianjin - 2017 October Edition Out!
Published on: 2017-09-30
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BT 201710 340x458BT 201710 QR PDFEducation of children is the first thing that foreign families are looking for when they decide to relocate out of their home country. Tianjin is well sourced with International Schools and Wellington College International Tianjin is one of the most prestigious institutions. Julian Jeffrey has been appointed recently as the new Master, and we sat down with him to discuss the ever-changing landscape of education and to talk about some of the unique features Wellington is offering in town. Wellington provides high quality education that makes Tianjin rank at the top of the list when parents are looking for international education in China.

In this issue our editor spoke to William Bao Bean to discuss the trends, demands and pleasures of the start-up scene. He is one of the best known ex-pat venture capitalists and start-up mentors in China. William gained a strong reputation as a research analyst before he moved into venture capital. Born in the US and of Chinese and Scottish ancestry, he is the General Partner at SOSV with its Chinaccelerator and MOX start-up accelerators and is deeply knowledgeable about the intricacies and hazards typical of Chinese business.

Lionel Messi has participated in advertising campaigns to promote WeChat internationally, but Tencent was unable to reach minimum acceptable quota of the messaging apps global cake. Wechat has occupied every touch point of an average Chinese person’s mundane life, but there are factors that are holding back WeChat’s overseas expansion plans. We dig a little deeper in order to get some insights on market-specific reasons that are disrupting the international success of Chinese brands like WeChat.

The surge of Bitcoin in price since the beginning of 2017 made headlines and attracted masses of people who decided to join the cryptocurrency hysteria. Invented in 2009 as the first currency not backed by any government and central bank, it is valued exclusively by the forces of supply and demand. We introduce you through ‘In Depth’ this month to a few cryptocurrencies that might be the next Bitcoin: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and ZCash.

We publish again in this issue a great variety of interesting articles such the future of performance management under the HR column, and a tech piece with suggestions to fly through the sky when you get stuck in traffic.

Visit our website www.businesstianjin.com and follow us in our official Wechat account (ID: business_tianjin) for getting a complete list of articles and information.

      为自己的孩子选择一所教学质量过硬的学校,是每一个来到天津生活的家庭要考虑的头等大事。天津惠灵顿国际学校是天津最负盛名的国际学校之一;在本期期刊中,您将与我们一同走近新任校长Julian Jeffrey,了解天津惠灵顿国际学校所提供的优质教育。

      在新兴应用市场方面,微信已经占据了中国人日常生活的大部分时间,但是在进行海外推广的活动中,微信显然遭遇了不小的阻碍,本期我们将深入了解微信为何无法在国际市场顺利打开局面取得像国内市场一样的成功。近日比特币也成为新闻头条内容,由于2017年初以来比特币涨幅激增,它成为了很多人投资的热点。但其实还有很多其他加密货币也值得我们关注,不妨跟着编辑一起了解Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple 和 ZCash。



Best Wishes,

Mary Smith

Managing Editor | Business Tianjin Magazine
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


10   ECONOMY: Economy Continues To Be Cool

BT 201710 ECONOMY 0212   FEATURE STORY: Why WeChat Failed To Make A Global Impact

BT 201710 Feature story 0114   COVER STORY: Helping Students to Achieve the Best of their Abilities

A22K7770 220   DIALOGUE: Nothing Ventured: William Bao Bean

William Bao Bean photo24   IN DEPTH: Cryptocurrencies of the future. What is the Next Bitcoin?

BT 201710 IN DEPTH 09 228   INVESTMENT: Chinese Stocks Finally Look to Rebound

31   REAL ESTATE:New trend: Co-living space enters Tianjin

BT 201710 REAL ESTATE 01 编辑34   IPR: Copyright Protection. What You Need To Know

BT 201710 IPR 0137   MANAGEMENT: How to Evaluate a Public Company You Care To Acquire

BT 201710 MANAGEMENT 0140  LEGAL ASSISTANCE: Announcement On Special Tax Investigations, Adjustments and Mutual Agreement Procedures (PART 3)

BT 201710 LEGAL 0143  TAX & FINANCE: What Aspects Of Business Environment For Foreign Investment In China Are Improved?

BT 201710 FINANCE 0146   HR: Future of Performance Management

BT 201710 HR 0248   TECH:Fly through the Sky When You Get Stuck in Traffic

BT 201710 TECH 0650   ARCHITECTURE:Metal Finishes

exterior52   MARKETING: A Comparison of Top 5 Best Marketing Tools

64   BOOK REVIEW: Wang Jianlin & Dalian Wanda

BT 201710 Book Review 0265   LAST WORD:A China Reading ListBT 201710 LAST 01 副本

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