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HR: Why 50% of Workers Hate Teamwork?
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20170731091245 business businesswoman businessman teamwork meeting discuss project review      在企业招聘的说明中,不少岗位的工作要求都会写明“热爱团队协作”,虽然每个应聘者都会强调自己是一个好的“game player”,但是在实际工作中,大家往往更倾向于独立工作,而讨厌团队工作。我们都知道,团队工作可以聚合多人的力量,在一个项目上集中发力,运用每个人的力量和头脑,互补所长,高效的完成一项艰巨任务。为什么员工却普遍不愿意进行团队协作呢?




How to Avoid Feeling Lonely When You Work Alone1Despite the fact that most of us take pride in adding a ‘team player’ skill on our resume, the reality is that 50 percent workers hate teamwork, as it is usually quite stressful, whereas less than half of the employers prefer working in a team.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise to you that employers across all industries are always in search of employees who have amazing teamwork skills. This skill has been considered as a plus for anyone who is looking for a job and reasons for this are quite obvious. Employees who are expert at teamwork can be quite efficient in a team, they can complement a team with their particular experience and skill-set, and they can provide you with better outcomes on any projects that they undertake. Employees who are unable to get along with others, nevertheless, can cause chaos and prevent a team from achieving its desired results.

Why Half of the Employees Hate Teamwork

However, the issue is that around 50 percent of the workers hate teamwork and less than half the employees enjoy working in a team. Reasons why the ratio is large perhaps may not always be obvious, but it is crucial to determine why so many employees out there are afraid of teamwork and do not prefer making most of this trait.

o LONELY OFFICE facebookMost Employees Prefer Working on Projects by Themselves

When provided with an option most, if not all, would rather prefer working on their own than being in a team. The reason for this is quite simple; working on your own not only means that you can work well at your own convenience, but it also means that you will be able to effectively map out exactly how you should go about your project.

On the other hand, working in a team usually means that you will have to work on a designated plan with others, your pace perhaps may not be in sync, and you may not be able to agree on how you can divide the project you are working on. But, the real issue lies in the fact that you just cannot trust your co-workers to do the job the way you trust your own skills. Not just is it uncertain as to if they are going to stick to the pre-agreed timeline, but you also cannot ensure the quality of work they will come up with.

acrossArguing with Your Co-workers is Inevitable

Apart from not knowing how the other members of the team will work, one of the biggest issues 50 percent of workers feel while working in a team is that you are likely to end up fighting with your team members. This is particularly true if you are working with your team on a project that is stressful and demanding.

Teamwork Is Definitely Better

The fact is that no matter how much you hate working as part of a team with your co-workers, working together can surely produce better results. After all, working with your co-workers on the same project means that you will be able to collectively come up with better ideas that you perhaps would not have thought of on your own while working individually. You will also be able learn what can be beneficial to you in future as you can make use of your knowledge to become a better worker.

Even though your co-workers may be annoying from time to time, always remember that you need to work in collaboration to accomplish best results.

Always keep this fact in mind that by proving yourself as a proficient team player, you will certainly prove to your employer that you have the people traits that it takes to be promoted to a managerial position.

1 nrtyVb3OJlsNKdy7Fa691QWhat Employers Need To Do Here

Teamwork concerns are crucial issues that management should not overlook. It has been stated that a team is just as strong as its weakest member. So if you have someone in your team who is difficult to work with or someone who just does not jive with others, it affects everyone in the team. This is not to say that a group made up of people from different views, backgrounds, and strengths will not really work – on the contrary they may have a lot to offer.

However, the management must accept the fact that team building is a vital process for functioning and that perhaps some people are at their best when they get to work on their own. These are crucial facts that none can change; what employers can do here is to make the best of it by managing not only the team but also solo tasks accordingly.

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