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MARKETING: How to Improve your Customer Experience
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BT 201806 Marketing 02      三月,Adobe及 Econsultancy发布了《数字智能简报:2018年数字趋势报告》,提供关于数字市场营销情况及影晌行业趋势的洞察。Econsultancy 和 Adobe采访了全球6000多名营销、数字和电子商务营销人员,调查显示消费者体验越来越受到重视,尤其是零售商特别重视这一点。十分之九的北美零售商表示消费者体验限定了品牌。


       当今,在企业经营环境中,传统的差异化经营正在失去优势,取而代之的是客户体验越来越成为最重要的差异化优势和商业价值驱动力。甲骨文公司的现实调查也反映了这一趋势,根据2011年12月客户体验影响 (CEI)报告,89%的消费者将选择有更好客户体验的品牌,74%的高管认为客户体验非常重要。以“客户为中心的跨团队”为策略的公司超额完成2017年最高业务目标的可能性较其他公司高出近倍。


BT 201806 Marketing 03Customer is the center of every business. He can choose to buy your product or he can choose to buy from your competitor. How you reach and treat your customer is most important for any successful business. Any business that improves its interaction between the customer and the organization will experience increased return on investment. According to a research carried out by Econsultancy and Adobe on Digital Marketing Trends shows that every company’s most exciting opportunity for its organization is customer experience. Experts have pointed out that it is going to be the next battleground. It is no surprise that improving customer experience is still something most companies find difficult to dealing with.

A research carried out by Oracle found that 74% of senior executives believe that customer experience has garnered quite some attention. And it impacts the willingness of a customer to be loyal to the company. There are many ways for improving customer experience. Some methods may be complex and costly while others are relatively simple.

Some customer experience initiatives any business can adopt to improve their interaction with customers are discussed as follows -

Execute an Open and Transparent Business

BT 201806 Marketing 04Running a transparent business can help develop trust in customers. This can transform the customer to a loyal advocate of the company’s products/services. Be as open as possible in dealings and in interaction with your customers and employees.

Know Your Customer and Understand Who They Are

BT 201806 Marketing 05If a company wants to understand its customers, they need to connect and place themselves in the customer’s shoes in any situation that they face. This can be achieved by carrying out research to create a buy-persona for each your customers. If you don’t get to know your customers, how will you know what they need and how to fulfill their requirements?

Adopt Customer Experience Analytics and Act on Customer Feedback

customer feedback 01It’s no news how constructive feedback can improve your business. But most businesses fail to act on feedback and improve on customer services. Use customer surveys, text analytics, automated emails and calls to capture customer feedback in real time. Acting on customer feedback increases the number of satisfied and loyal customers.

Enhance Customer Self Service Experience

6a00e54fd9f059883301b7c80474e8970bAccording to CRM Magazine, 45 percent of businesses offering online customer self-service reported an increase in website visitors and reduced phone inquiries. Provide support information for customers because ideally most customers would want to help themselves. Integrate FAQs, books and post resources that allow users to have immediate and correct responses to simple questions.

Train and Develop Customer Experience Employees

180302 article lgYou don’t only create a single customer experience team to oversee the company’s interaction with customers. Every employee must be a customer experience advocate who is focused on customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and process improvement. From day one, employees must be more customized to represent the company's brand, desired customer experience and improve their relationships with customers.

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