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MARKETING: Build a Personalized Influencer Marketing Campaign
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Build a Personalized Influencer Marketing Campaign
By Kitty Williamson

BT 201805 Marketing 02从口碑传播到媒体传播,再到信息爆炸时代,我们已经迎来了信息传播的第四个浪潮——影响力营销时代。影响力营销是媒体经营的新方向。影响力营销,从形式方法上剖析,其实就是我们现在常说的“大号”、“流量”、“自媒体”的一种综合方式。无论是个人媒体,还是企业,都需要很多的流量,而传统意义上的曝光流量是无效的,是不能带来转化的,可以说不以转化为目的的流量都是浪费钱。目前获取流量的最佳途径,就是自媒体平台以及借助现有的自媒体品牌的流量推荐机制。例如,微信公众平台、搜狐自媒体、微博大号等等,在这些平台上,一个吸引眼球的标题,一篇适当的文章,加上还不错的内容,轻轻松松可以拿个1万+的流量,如果将这篇文章推送到30个平台上面去,阅读量就可以翻倍了。我们通常熟知的一些微信公众平台大咖如咪蒙、谷大白话等等都是自媒体时代营销的成功典范。微博上的一些时尚大号如张大奕、雪梨等美妆时尚达人,她们所带来的销售额也是难以计数的,而且常常形成营销爆款。


这么多网红、“流量大咖”的出现,是否意味着网红时代的来临,自媒体经济到达最顶峰了吗? 其实自媒体营销也在升级迭代中,从安妮宝贝、韩寒这样的“文字网红”到夺人眼球的美妆达人,时尚达人,网红经济已发展到在各个领域争夺流量、聚拢粉丝群体,再通过流量变现的阶段。未来的影响力经济,不止要制造内容,还需将制造者、设计者、销售者、消费者全部打通,整合整条产业链才能获得最大收益,新媒体也将成为商业的连接器和放大器。

Over the last few years, influencer marketing has been the strategic tactic deployed by business owners to build credible brands and reach out to their target audience. To create content that can impact seamlessly in today’s form of marketing, utilizing influencers can create a direct influence to your business by increasing its ROI. Without any doubt, influencer marketing is cost and time efficient because through social media, 50% of your purchase decisions can simply be influenced through word of mouth by influencers. Hubspot stated that 3 percent of online business marketers generate 90 percent of online impact. Influencer marketing is a smart route through which a product endorsed by credible influencers can create a huge impact. Here are some stats you need to keep in mind:

• 92% of online marketers credit influencer marketing as the efficacious channel for their product awareness.
• As reported by state of influencer marketing, 86% of B2C marketing found influencer marketing to be effective.
• This marketing strategy has been discovered to build genuine customers. 76% says it’s effective for garnering customer loyalty.

Are you a newbie in influencer marketing? No need to freak out, you’ve just stumbled into the right place. This write-up will cover the steps and teach you to strategically and successfully run a well-planned influencer marketing campaign.

Identify or Set the Right Campaign Goals
You should set solid goals before thinking of finding credible influencers for your campaign. How to reach your target audience has a lot of performance strategies. Your strategy may include leads generation, promoting an event, sales and conversion, SEO benefits, landing page visits, promoting your content and followers engagement. Once you identify your goal, you need to set up key performance indicators for each of these goals. Set goals that are measurable and deploy goal measurement tracking where possible.
BT 201805 Marketing 07
Choose the Right Media Platform to Meet your Goals
Brands that want to stay active and lively need to choose the right social media platform. Developing firm knowledge about social media trends is essential for making the right decision on the right social media for your business goals. Not all platforms are suitable for your specific business goals because each platform has a specific need and is better suited for particular audience and demographics.

Beautiful photographs, graphic designs and image contents are best suited for Meipai. Tencent QQ and Youku Tudou deals with video marketing, Sina Weibo engages users with micro blogging while WeChat comprises of both. You can utilize multiple social media platforms in order to increase your social media presence and exposure.

BT 201805 Marketing 04Identify Appropriate Influencers Related to your Industry
There is absolute need to identify genuine and honest influencers that are related to your industry. If you’re selling a wine brand, your target audience and influencer’s followers should have the same attitude. Social media aggregators like Klout, Quantcast, and Alexa can help you to identify influencers that best suit your brand. In identifying the right influencer for your campaign, you can take the following steps:

• Examine social media networks to figure out bloggers and journalists who frequently cover news about your brand;
• Be sure that your influencer’s followers closely align with your target market;
• Research celebrity contacts within your business locality that can be reached out to’
• Research hashtags that your influencers are using;

Genuine influencers should be able to publish content and build up engagements on their platforms.

BT 201805 Marketing 05Make use of Employee Advocacy
Employees can help build awareness for your brand. Your employees can post content and speak favorably about your brands which can create a more authentic look and feel. Research has shown that tapping into employee advocacy is more cost effective as opposed to looking for an influencer. Your employees can increase brand awareness by bringing to the table added number of people you can reach on social media platforms.BT 201805 Marketing 03 编辑

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