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HR: How to Find the Best Candidates for Remote Roles
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How to Find the Best Candidates for Remote Roles
Learn Vital Tips To Hire The Best!
By Besty Taylor

BT 201809 HR 02远程工作越来越流行,到2020年,远程工作的比例将达到50%。但是与常规雇佣不同,因为缺少直接监管,远程工作人选的沟通技能、自我管理技能和可靠性要求大大提高。以下是远程工作人选所应必备的技能和特点,我们建议您考虑符合这些条件的人选:

1.沟通能力。优秀的沟通能力在远程工作中不可或缺。招聘人员如果发现简历中没有强调优秀的沟通能力,那么这很可能不是最佳人选。如果候选人有远程团队工作经历,那么他必然使用过Asana, Basecamp,Yammer, Skype, Google Docs and Sheet, Trello 以及Slack 这样的远程沟通工具,这是候选人在在线沟通方面积极有责任心的标志。




The concept of working remotely is very much on the rise, with estimation that more than 50 percent of all workers will be working on their jobs remotely by the year 2020. Ubiquitous Wi-Fi, mobile gadgets and several other collaborative programs have made the idea of working remotely a possibility, and also rendered it seamless, even across the different time zones.

With employer always on the lookout for highly qualified, hard-working employees to fill in both in-house and remote positions, hiring someone who will be fulfilling the remote roles full time requires a relatively different approach. While you are entrusting a candidate to complete their assigned tasks with minimal direct supervision, the candidate’s communication and self-management skills, reliability requires a lot of consideration than an average candidate’s skills.

For any employer who is considering hiring candidates for remote roles, there are certain skills and attributes that an ideal candidate must possess. In order to find the best candidates for remote roles make sure you hire someone who is more likely to excel and deliver the best outcomes. It is worth favoring resumes that fulfill the requirements mentioned below.

BT 201809 HR 01Assessing the Candidate’s Communication Skills

If you work remotely, then it is vital to be absolutely on the ball while it comes to communication skills. You just cannot walk over to your associate’s desk and run something by them; hence you need to be consistent, reliable and quick with responding to emails. Being a recruiter, if you are looking for a CV in which outstanding communication skills have not been emphasized on, and then it does not really fulfill your criteria and raises a red flag. You certainly do not want to bring someone on board who takes ages to respond to emails, especially when there are imminent deadlines.

Checking the proficiency of the potential candidate’s communication skills via their job application is vital. If they have been working in teams remotely, they must have been using different online collaboration tools such as Asana, Basecamp, Yammer, Skype, Google Docs and Sheet, Trello and Slack, which is a sign that they are responsible enough in terms of online communication.

BT 201809 HR 03Are Candidates Willing To Work For Long Periods In Solitude?

Although the remote workers regularly communicate through collaboration tools, there is no getting around the fact that they will be doing their work in solitude. You perhaps oftentimes work in a co-working area or are surrounded by other remote workers but this can still be quite a solitary experience without the conventional office socializing and chitchat.

As a recruiter, if you notice that the applicant does not have any prior experience of working remotely, or they have not tended to work on jobs that required a high degree of autonomy and independence, then it is really not certain if they will thrive well in a remote role. Obviously, this does not mean that solitary work is out of question for them. But, you do want some assurance that the candidate you hire will be very much comfortable working alone. Better yet, they thrive as well as enjoy working isolated.

You certainly do not want to hire someone for remote roles who constantly feel restless and isolated working alone and have pent up social energy which distracts them from the task at hand. Different ways of working suit different personality types, and there is really nothing wrong with that.

BT 201809 HR 04Discipline and Self Management Is Crucial

This is a trait which should be highlighted in a job application for remote roles. If you are recruiting remote freelancers, you have to make certain that the candidate you have shortlisted is the kind of a person who can be trusted on setting their own schedule and then sticking to it by effectively prioritizing their tasks.

BT 201809 HR 05Past References or Work Experience Can Help Backup a Candidates’ Proficiency

It perhaps is tough for a recruiter to assess the self-discipline of a candidate from the job application. If a candidate states that they are well-organized and disciplined, it should be supported with proper evidence. This could be in the form of an impressive portfolio or prior work experience that was time-pressured by nature. If the candidate states that they can deliver high quality work while multitasking and meeting deadlines, this definitely indicates self-discipline. Anyone who claims to be disciplined should state on how they prioritize everything – this may include their experience using PM software, productivity or task management tools.

Remote working is definitely the future. As a result, more and more companies out there are now realizing this fact that offices are not just unnecessary but are also out-dated. Open-plan offices, particularly, negatively impact both productivity and employee well-being. Therefore, by hiring candidates for remote roles, it is easier to find workforce that focuses on completing tasks to superior standards, and are more likely to stick around as they enjoy more of work-life balance. Nevertheless, this holds true only if you are being able to find a candidate who is a perfect fit for remote roles.

If you keep the aforementioned aspects in mind while reviewing job applications for remote roles, it will certainly be a win-win situation.

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