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E-BIZ: How Social Media Influencers Can Help Your Ecommerce Store
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How Social Media Influencers
Can Help Your Ecommerce Store
By Rose Salas

BT 201809 Ebiz 02利用关键意见领袖个人魅力,拉动数以百万计粉丝关注,进而转换成销售,这在网络时代已是大势所趋。影响者营销能够达到以下几个目的:生成销售:关键意见领袖至少有 100 万粉丝,众多的粉丝意味着更高的关注度以及更好的销售机会。此外,强大的粉丝团队也为联署营销提供了肥沃土壤。建立口碑:竞争是激烈的,现实是残酷的,要想让自己的产品脱颖而出,可以与声名显赫的关键意见领袖合作。合作初期可以适当言听计从,一旦建立关系,您不妨自己设计内容和效果。走近客户:好的社交媒体影响者不仅能够带来众多的粉丝,通常还能为您的营销出谋划策。此外,通过分析其博客内容以及粉丝活动,您还可以获得市场和用户信息。实现共赢:通过好的产品,您获得影响者的信任,最终达到经济目的;影响者通过引导、培养粉丝,获得更多粉丝的信任。进入中国市场:西方社交网络在中国受到屏蔽,如果您想打入中国市场、与中国消费者进行近距离高效沟通,最简单的方法之一便是通过影响者。

After setting up your E-commerce store, the next step is to increase sales and make your brand famous. The more your brand gets endorsed and featured, the more you get an engaged audience and convert them into sales. This is the role of social media influencers in the online industry. Internationally, they are the so-called Youtubers, Bloggers, Snapchat and Instagram stars. In Chinese social media, influencer outreach is becoming a top trend and it is in demand in the digital culture for promoting products and services with direct results.

Also known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), influencers are dominating Taobao where millions of sales take place every day. Unlike the traditional marketing where celebrities and stars are promoting brands, influencer marketing is even more impactful with social media stars that have millions of followers and wide audience base. How can KOLs boost your brand?

BT 201809 Ebiz 03

Pony Makeup

1. Generate Sales

The prevalent apps, Weibo, WeChat, Taobao and Red- are home of these social media stars. In Chinese influencer industry, a famous KOL must have at least a million followers to be considered top-tier. If you collaborate with influencers, you get the chance of having a massive audience who can see your brand because they can feature and promote your products in their social media streams. The more engaged followers they have, the more sales will be generated for you. In the same way, they can also take part in the affiliate marketing program where they can earn a portion from the total sales when someone makes a purchase using their designated promotional codes.

2. Establish a Good Online Reputation for Your Brand
There are millions of products sold everywhere on the Internet. There are millions of sellers too! Competition is tough and if you are desperate because after trying so many strategies your store is still not selling, it may be a good time to seek help from someone with a good reputation online. Collaborating with the right influencers can create a lasting impression on your brand. After connecting with a reputable KOL, you can now talk about how you want the content of the post to be. For example, if you want to sell your makeup or beauty product quickly, here’s a good combination: Product + Image or Makeup Tips or Tutorial + Video. Among the TOP beauty influencers- 安利小能手Lana, Pony_朴惠, and 美妆师carla – are hot favourites.

BT 201809 Ebiz 04

Melilim Fu, a Chinese KOL

3. Increase your Reach Using Influencer Marketing Strategies
Once you find the right niche influencer for your brand, you will get greater visibility in the market. The perfect influencer can work with your ideas and enhance them even more as per their marketing styles. Soon enough, you will get more viewers who will be interested to buy your product and take time to browse on your store. Since KOLs have a wide variety of audience, you can also observe and study how different types of consumers would interact with your marketing strategies; thus, you know what to do and what not to do on your next campaign. The right influencer may not only mean having millions of followers, but when you take a look on their posts, their audience should LIKE or have good comments, impressions, or interactions.

4. Influencer Marketing Builds Trust while Providing Amazing Value to Your Audience
Collaboration with the perfect KOL will create a WIN-WIN situation. You sell a product which you believe is a necessity for everyone; and choosing the KOL that will represent your product will deliver, inspire, and educate the audience about it. You will earn customers with trust and confidence as you assure them that your brand is worth-buying. The KOL should also believe in this principle, because accepting the deal from you also means that he or she trusts you.

BT 201809 Ebiz 015. A Gateway to Chinese Market
Are you a foreigner that wants to expand and promote your brand to Chinese market? This is one of the easiest (also expensive) ways to take a spot. Since Western social media apps are blocked in China, there’s no better way to engage and communicate effectively with audience than to have connections with people. For example, Ye Si or Gogoboi is one of the most influential fashion bloggers, thus, he attracts big global brands to collaborate with him and drive massive sales for the company. He has now become a chief influencer and owns Missionary, a premier agency, which works with overwhelming list of brands around the world.

Influencer Marketing takes a prime spot in 2018 digital trend. In fact, Chinese bloggers sell so well in social media! In a survey from Digital Commerce Trends Report, 63% of ecommerce shop entrepreneurs will pursue this strategy because they believe there is a return of investment (ROI) in this way of marketing. Do you have a TOP KOL in mind whom you can follow?

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