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LAST WORDS: Why Do Parents Send their Children Abroad for Schooling?
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Why Do Parents Send their Children Abroad for Schooling?
By Rose Salas

BT 201812 Last 01作为家长,你总是努力为你的孩子提供优质的教育,但最近在对中国各地的数百万学生进行的教育部(中华人民共和国教育部)的一项研究显示,仅在2017年, 共有608,400名中国留学生到国外留学。 这比前几年增加了大约11.74%。 据统计,中国已成为国际学生的最大来源。 但为什么学生选择出国留学?

父母是每个学生中最有影响力的人之一。 如果父母能够将孩子送到最好的学习场所之一,他们往往愿意投资大量的金钱。特别是高净值家庭,他们认为出国留学在很多方面提供了更多的机会。在最近的统计数据中,541,300或88.97%的留学生是自筹资金,其余的是国家学者。


7. 法国
8. 德国
9. 新西兰

BT 201812 Last 02As a parent, you would always strive hard to provide a quality education for your children but out of millions of students across China, a recent study of MOE (Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China) shows that, in 2017 alone, a total of 608,400 Chinese students left the country to pursue their studies abroad. This is roughly 11.74% increase since the former years. Based on statistics, China has become the largest source of international students. But why do students choose to study abroad?

Why do parents take the first initiative to send their children abroad for studies?

One of the greatest influencers in every student is the parents. Parents often dare to offer a hefty amount of money if they are capable of sending their children to one of the best facilities for learning. Though this comes in with a large amount of money- including fare expenses, tutorials if necessary, and numerous researches and projects, they still believe that sending their children abroad is good for their children to learn more than what the local schools can offer. Especially high net worth families, they believe that studying abroad offers more opportunities in a lot of aspects. In the recent statistics, 541,300 or 88.97% of the students who study abroad are self-funded, while the rest are scholars of the state.

Some students believe that studying abroad gives them more experience to explore a different culture. It allows them to learn a different language, experience a different educational system, and be exposed to a new culture and customs. Through this experience, it opens their minds by having a global mindset that equips them better to any workplace.

It may be biased, but a lot of job firms still see studying abroad and overseas work experience as an advantage for employment. This instills the desires of students not just to acquire an international diploma but also to have overseas opportunities like internships and trainings abroad as much as they can. It allows them to have better job opportunities, not just back home, but also in other countries.

Our School Curriculum offers a lot of time in teaching students English, but due to more emphasis on examinations and lacking in practical use, many students still fail to learn the language. For better exposure to the English language, parents send their children abroad. They believe that studying in English-speaking countries allows them to have a more thorough experience and learning of the language. This better equips them than the rest of the students who didn’t get exposed to the language.

In all honesty, Gaokao or the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) is one of the most stressful events for any student in high school for them to be accepted in the national university. Studying abroad is one of the parent’s solutions for their children to avoid the fierce competition and save their children from anxieties of failing and fatigue from over studying.

BT 201812 Last 03In the recent report of the Chinese Ministry of Education, Chinese students studying abroad are commonly enrolled in:

1. United State of America
It is ranked as the most common place to enroll. America is currently hosting 260,914 students.

2. Australia
The 2nd in rank, Australia is currently hosting 90,245 students.

3. Japan
One of the closest countries to China is currently hosting 89,788 students.

4. United Kingdom
The country which is known for prestigious universities is currently hosting 86,204 students.

5. Canada
Ranked as the fifth country that host Chinese students, they are currently hosting 42,011 students.

6. Korea
Korea is ranked at sixth, currently hosting 38,109 students.

7. France
France is currently hosting 25,388 students.

8. Germany
Germany is currently hosting 19,441 students.

9. New Zealand
New Zealand is currently hosting 13,952 students.

BT 201812 Last 04

According to Huang Zhongyang, CEO of Special A, an institution based in Beijing that specializes in overseas education consulting- said that, despite the good opportunities that studying abroad could offer, “Students could encounter many difficulties when studying abroad, such as not being able to adapt to the new environment, as well as language barriers”. It is important that both parents and students be prepared of the challenges they might encounter along the process.

Nevertheless, going abroad to take studies is an advantage for a student. Whatever purpose it may serve him or her, parents will always be willing to do everything for the welfare of their children to ensure that they have a good future ahead of them. It is always a privilege to learn many things from a different country, and as a parent, there’s nothing wrong for striving in giving the best for our children.

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