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BOOK REVIEW: China's Mobile Economy
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China's Mobile Economy
Opportunities in the Largest and Fastest Information Consumption Boom
By Winston Ma and Xiaodon Lee, 2016

BT 201812 Book 01中国移动经济

2016年底,由Winston Ma和Xiaodon Lee撰写的题为“中国移动经济:最大和最快信息消费热潮中的机遇”一书既是对2014年中国发展和变化的见解和反映 也叙述了在技术领域取得的进展。马和李研究了2014年和2015年之间的移动热潮如何改变了中国电子商务和生活方式。 他们解释道正是在那个时期,除了现有的笔记本电脑之外,中产阶级在很大程度上掌握了平板电脑和智能手机等移动技术。

正如副标题所述,中国最大和最快的信息消费热潮的机遇并没有被低估。 马和李正在仔细研究这一陈述,因为它们揭示了多用途屏幕时代和中国移动互联网购物消费者带来的影响。 他们解释了移动购物和基于互联网的购物如何促使传统购物网重新思考其营销策略。


Released towards the end of 2016, the book written by Winston Ma and Xiaodon Lee titled ‘China's Mobile Economy: Opportunities in the Largest and Fastest Information Consumption Boom’ is both an insight and a reflection of the growth and change that occurred in China from 2014 onward in the technological sector. Ma and Lee examine how the mobile boom between 2014 and 2015 changed the face of e-commerce and lifestyle in China. It was in that period, they explain, that the middle class largely gained access to mobile technology such as tablets and smart phones in addition to the already available laptop computers.

China’s Mobile Economy very well deciphers the impact of changes in the digital culture of China as the country shifted from the usual trend follower to a trend setter. Ma and Lee delve deep into how the e-commerce world dramatically evolved and reshaped itself in that very short time period. In addition, they explain how the effects of such a great change caused investors, government agencies, banks, and corporations on a global scale to drastically change, renew, and learn how to proceed in this new market and digital age that had taken China by storm.

As described in the subtitle, Opportunities in the Largest and Fastest Information Consumption Boom in China is no understatement. Ma and Lee examine exactly this statement as they bring to light the understanding of what implications were brought on by the multi-use screen age and the mobile Internet shopping consumers in China. They explain how mobile shopping and a rise in an Internet-based shopping caused traditional shopping outlets to re-think their marketing strategies.

If you are looking for a descriptive and evidenced look into the digital culture of China and how the market has and continues to rapidly evolve in the largest country in the world, make sure to read China's Mobile Economy: Opportunities in the Largest and Fastest Information Consumption Boom as it will effectively give you insight into what makes up the digital world in China.

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