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Business Tianjin OUT! December 2018 Edition
Published on: 2018-11-30
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BT 201812 340x458BT 201812 QR PDFElegantly poised alongside the Hai He River, you will find what could be arguably Tianjin’s most exquisite hotel. Furnished with luxurious gold and marble décor, Wanda Vista Tianjin’s splendour is unlike any other. Eager to find out more, Business Tianjin spoke to its General Manager, Nikolaos Chatzipetros, to get an insight on staff training, the inspiration behind the splendid interior and guest requests that you would not expect to hear about.

It has been 10 years since the crisis that shook the financial world in 2008 and led major economies to recession afterwards. Collapse of Lehman brothers marked the first event in a series of catastrophic events that followed. Major global economies entered into what has been dubbed the great recession. Western economies contracted and struggled, and even today 10 years after the crisis, their levels of growth are highly unsustainable for a variety of reasons, whereas economies like China have been growing at rates above 8% and 10% annually, and recently above 6%. Next few decades, eastern countries will be setting global governance frameworks and models.

Recently, evidence of slowdown in the Chinese economy is mixed. Growth still continues but there are some signs of faltering in some segments. Banks need a boost and property sector needs constant monitoring to avoid overheating. Effects of the US-China trade war may not be felt to their true extent until after the tariffs take full effect in Januray 2019.

In this issue, the focus column point out 5 topics that you should be aware of, not only to better understand the reality of China but also if you want to do business here.

There are many other interesting articles this month, and I invite you to read them all after having checked our content page. We are sure you will find topics that will help you in your professional and personal life, such the benefits of diversity at workplace, the recently currency War or even the first battery-free phone.

Visit our website www.businesstianjin.com and follow us on our official Wechat account (ID: business_tianjin) for a complete list of articles and information.

Mary Smith
Managing Editor | Business Tianjin Magazine
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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BT 201812 past 0124 FOCUS: 5 Challenges in Today’s China

BT 201812 focus 0126 TRAVEL: Akureyri, Iceland

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38 E-Biz: How to Use Your Customer’s Questions

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BT 201812 tax 0144 LEGAL: New Individual Income Tax Law are Seeking Public Comments

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BT 201812 real 0150 TECH: First Battery-Free Mobile Phone

BT 201812 tech 0152 MARKETING: The New Way of Communicating!

BT 201812 marketing 0154 HR: Benefits of Diversity at the Workplace

BT 201812 hr 0156 CHAMBER REPORTS
64 ART & LEISURE: Chinese Heritage Interplay of Architecture

BT 201812 art 0166 BOOK REVIEW: China’s Mobile Economy

BT 201812 Book 0169 LAST WORDS: Why Do Parents Send their Children Abroad for Schooling?BT 201812 Last 03

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