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MARKETING: Full Transparency. The New Way of Communicating!
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Full Transparency: The New Way of Communicating!
By John Feng

BT 201812 marketing 02全透明

人们通常倾向于追随领导者。 几千年来一直如此。



有了上述信息,您应该能够了解哪些商家对您透明,这肯定会改善您与许多品牌的关系。 如果您拥有一家企业,这应该能够改善与您的员工和客户的关系。

CPI 2017 global mapNormally, people tend to follow leaders. It has been like this for thousands of years. It is not arguable that the business environment in any country is shaped by the respective government and, nowadays, this is not a very inspirational statistic. When we look at the map below, the colour red pops into our eyes, and just as in traffic, red is not good to go. According to Transparency International that in this study measures the perception of corruption in the public sector around the world, only 54 out of 180 countries have a score of 50 or more.

This definitely impacts how businesses act in their home countries and even if we are living in the so-called “global village”, the bad are not learning with the good…

startup failures transparencySo, What Is Transparency And How Is It Good?

Transparency is not more than just making all the information accessible to as many people as possible. This can be internally achieved not only through direct lines of communication between different-hierarchy personnel but also with clear and honest communication of the company’s plans, roadmaps, challenges and problems with all the staff. In fact, management transparency is the main factor when determining employee happiness.

Besides the clear advantages of this “method” for your internal communications and levels of motivation, it will help you also with your clients! Not only is it proven that 94% of consumers are likely to be loyal to a brand that is fully transparent but 73% will also pay more for products that do not hide anything in any attribute! That being said you should focus on sharing relevant information for consumers like supply-chain structure, all the characteristics of the product, main challenges the company is trying to overcome, among many other factors. Basically, you should disclose everything that you can, while always remembering that you are still competitive among your “rivals”.

So, Which Businesses Are Transparent?

Even if it seems pretty straightforward to find out which businesses are “clean” with the information you have just read, there are still some companies that might just look like they support transparency, but in the end, they do not take specific action towards it. So I feel the need to point out to you some ways to identify the real advocates, without any doubt.

Information Disclosure on Time

BT 201812 marketing 03You should pay attention to official documents that are released to the general public and the amount of information they comprise of. This can be a very important sign of commitment in telling the truth to customers. However, it is also as crucial that the company opens up to its personnel and is fast and rigorous in addressing new information and potentially harmful situations. Communication done as fast as possible not only gives a bigger sense of belonging to the staff but also provides managers with insights from everyone, which can have inestimable value.

Empower a Vision

BT 201812 marketing 01When a business has a clear focus for long-term, it is easier to drive everyone in the same direction, with the same goals. The fact that managers and leaders empower a specific vision and take every step to realize it, will make them more willing to tell everything about the current status of the business and address the real struggles and challenges.

Social Media

BT 201812 marketing 04Engaging with employees and customers on social media, with intent and honesty is a very clear pattern of a transparent company. Showing staff videos, encouraging them to share company photos and news and basically company values through the most diverse forms of content is definitely all about a healthy full-disclosure environment.

Wrapping Up

BT 201812 marketing 05With the above information, you should be able to check which businesses are being transparent with you and this will definitely improve your relationship with many brands. If you own a business, you now know the best practices and should be able to improve the relationship with your employees and customers.

An uptrend exists wherein more businesses are opting for this method and customers are happy about it. I do not know about you, but from my perspective, the future looks bright!

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