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HR: Benefits of Diversity at the Workplace
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Benefits of Diversity at the Workplace

BT 201812 hr 10工作场所的多样性


顾名思义,“工作场所多样性”一词考虑了工作场所普遍存在的个人和文化差异。 由于组织的等级,种族,性别,年龄,背景,婚姻状况或种族,可能会出现差异 - 所有这些都属于工作场所多样性的保护范围。

1. 创新和创意
2. 生产力
3. 轻松和全球多元化客户沟通
4. 资源和专业知识的增长
5. 招募并保留最好的


BT 201812 hr 01As the wave of globalization and workplace diversity in companies is transforming the shape of how businesses operate today, it has greatly altered the workplace culture worldwide. Many companies today are making efforts to inculcate cultural diversity in the workplace. Number of people coming from abroad to a foreign land for work purposes is predicted to augment at a rapid pace over the next few years.

Does it have anything for the HR managers? What do you need to do when it is time to employ, hire and retain a diversified workforce in your region? A diversified workplace can greatly contribute to the financial stability and growth of your company. That is not possible if you are being able to attract and retain the workforce with a different set of skills and expertise.

What Is Workplace Diversity All About?

Before you learn about why diversity in the workplace is considered crucial for the success of an organization, it is imperative to understand what exactly workplace diversity is all about.

As the name states, the word ‘workplace diversity’ takes into account individual and cultural differences that prevail in the workplace. Differences may occur due to organizational hierarchy, race, gender, age, background, marital status, or ethnicity – all of them fall under the umbrella of diversity in the workplace.

A diversified work culture can greatly help an organization gain competitive advantage, or it can negatively affect the company’s growth and efficiency. It all depends on how a business takes it forward.

BT 201812 hr 08Why Diversity at Workplace is Crucial

Are you aware of the diversity awards and diversity surveys? It is basically about celebrating and appreciating the differences! Many countries prosper by encouraging the presence of diversity in their organizations. The Asian region is one of them.

Whether it is a manufacturing company, logistics, a pharmaceutical company, or a warehouse, you will see a plethora of examples of businesses that probe diversity at the workplace. Some of these include Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and Abbott. Interestingly, this latest trend of workplace diversity is here to stay.

Benefits of Diversity at Workplace

Whether you plan on hiring a small team of professionals or are conducting training on a large scale, your company must encompass diversity. Obviously, there are some vital reasons for it. If implemented strategically, diversity at workplace provides some amazing benefits to your organization:

BT 201812 hr 041. Creativity And Innovation

Having a homogenous workforce will bring in only repetitive and dull business strategies. If you plan on competing in the international market especially, you can stay ahead of your competitors by getting ‘out of the box’ ideas from your diversified workforce. Hiring as well as retaining a diversified pool of talented employees can certainly help you achieve this.

You may consider Microsoft China’s example in this regard. The company has been present in China for more than 20 years now. Microsoft is very well committed to its Chinese customers and enables their success. To this effect, the company is supporting them at the city, enterprise, national, as well as, provincial levels. The HR director at Microsoft promotes diverse workforce as it helps the company to be more innovative.

BT 201812 hr 052. Productivity

Productivity and diversity are directly proportional to one another. Several organizations are aware of this fact. In a research conducted by Forbes Insights, it was stated that 85 percent of the businesses are earning more than $500 million. This is because a diverse and inclusive workforce can boost creative ideas to drive innovation, which eventually leads to higher levels of productivity. Upon encouraging their ideas, employees do feel motivated, and this ultimately boosts their productivity.

BT 201812 hr 033. Enjoy An Easy Access To Diversified Clients Worldwide

Taking into account Procter & Gamble, you will find that 51 percent of its workforce is diverse. This indicates that more than half of the workforce of the company is willing to build a long-term relationship with the multicultural and multifaceted consumer base worldwide.

So what should the company anticipate? A big, expanded base of diverse customers! The company will be able to approach a diversified set of clients worldwide merely by hiring people with different skills, expertise, and language proficiencies. Do you want to expand your business to the Asian markets? Or do you plan on reaching out to the Chinese market? There are high chances of reaching out to the Chinese segment by hiring Chinese employees.

BT 201812 hr 064. Growth In Resources and Expertise

According to the Gallup Survey, the diversified places of work have higher ratios of employee commitment. Since engaged employees deliver higher productivity levels, they are very likely to have higher tenures in the company. During this period, they do enhance their expertise. With increased corporate exposure, they become proficient enough to boost their client base, hence increasing the company’s revenue on the whole.

For instance, with the increase in organizations taking their businesses to China, a company would prefer hiring employees that have expertise in Mandarin to enhance the company’s reputation among the Chinese communities. This may result in an increase in sales, and result in profitability.

BT 201812 hr 075. Recruit And Retain The Best Only

People searching for jobs state that they prefer to apply in an organization that hires a diversified workforce. This is because they know that companies with emphasis on diverse workforce culture treat their employees differently.

With employee resource groups, diversity training workshops, and mentoring programs in place, it is a lot easier to recruit and retain skilled and devoted individuals for your company’s growth.


Diversity in the workplace fosters repute as well as profitability of an organization to a great extent. However, this can only be achieved if employees work in harmony despite their individual differences.

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