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Making The World As GOOD As POSSIBLE
How Noble Intentions Can Lead You To The Top
By Nick Jones

BT 201812 inspiration 01让世界变得好

当有人想要建立创业公司时,在大多数情况下,这是因为他们需要某种服务或功能,并且在此之前没有人创建过。 很多时候,这种雄心勃勃的态度被认为是愚蠢的,但正如我们今天从世界上最成功的企业家之一那里学到的那样,我们应该像徽章一样佩戴这种雄心勃勃的态度! 以下是一个成功的四个最佳技巧。

1. 未雨绸膜

2. 和问题解决者交朋友

3. 从独特的角度看待问题
请记住,您的贡献将帮助那些追随您的人 您可能不会立即看到收益,但随着行业的发展,您将获得回报。

4. 立下案例
举个例子,Space X,特斯拉的首席执行官和创始人,埃隆马斯克,截至目前,他在福布斯的世界大人物名单上排名第46位。 但更重要的是,他是我们这个时代最具启发性的人物之一。


Musk Funding Neuralink Brain-Computer Interface

When someone gets an idea for a startup company, in most cases it's because they were in need of a certain service or a feature, one that nobody had created until that point. A lot of times this highly ambitious attitude is considered silly but, as we will learn today from one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, we should wear that ambitious attitude like a badge of honour! Here are four best tips for success from a man who is among some of the wealthiest people alive, and yet works as an engineer alongside his workers.

1. Be Prepared For Bad Times

You may have started a company because of a gap you saw in the market, but one thing that people find out fast is that managing a company usually means dealing with things that don't work, instead of working on your initial goals and ambitions. "Starting a company is like staring into the abyss, and eating glass." This statement may seem harsh, but it is a simple fact of doing business. You will have to work on the problems that the company faces, not the ones you find most challenging and ambitious. Running a successful startup means you make a product so good that people are willing to pay for it more than you needed to pay to produce it. And in that never-ending battle, 90% of startups fail. But if you stay focused on brigning the best product possible to the customers, you will prevail. At first, it will be stressful and painful, but over time, the ones that are determined and patient enough will most likely get rewarded.

BT 201812 inspiration 022. Surround Yourself With Problem-Solvers

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but one of the biggest problems companies face is that work becomes so fragmented and automated that the workers feel like they don't have an impact, and that is the worst recipe for slacking on the job. Having people that are only able to do repetitious work means that you'll forever be stuck in the same place. Surround yourself with problem solvers, meaning people that want your idea to come to life as much as you do. That is the only way for you to create a healthy environment where all of you are pushing each other to your limits in order to reach the best possible outcome. If you're working in an industry that already exists, your product will have to be better in order for you to stay competitive in the market. It doesn't matter whether you're working in an untapped market, or an industry that's already established, you should always surround yourself with the best people out there.

BT 201812 inspiration 03

Elon Musk's giant tunnel boring machine arrived at SpaceX

3. Look At Thing From A Unique Perspective

Sometimes, even though a product or a service you're working on is badly needed, it is not that likely that it will take off. At that point, you can go one of two ways. You can either give up or go for it anyway, despite the odds. One thing you can do is look at what's getting in the way of achieving your goal. Chances are, there are other parts of the industry that are underdeveloped and are thus holding you back. By looking at it from a different angle, you might actually find that the best way of achieving your goal is by developing something else entirely from the ground up, and slowly building towards what you really want to achieve. Remember that your contributions will help others that are coming after you, and the novelty of being first will at that point give you a better advantage. You may not see the payoff right away, but as the industry catches up, you will get rewarded.

4. Setting An Example

Working on big, impactful projects may seem interesting, but they're highly risky. Why would someone intentionally go against all odds? When this entrepreneur was only 12 years old, he read the works of Isaac Asimov. From Asimov's work, he concluded that you should always make decisions that will make the world a better place. By doing so, you're not only improving things for the better, but are also inspiring other people to do the same, which is perhaps the best goal a person can achieve.

If you haven't figured out out so far, we're talking about the CEO and Founder of Space X, Tesla, Neuralink, among many other ventures. His name is Elon Musk, and as of now, he holds 46th place on the Forbes's list of The World's Most Powerful People. But more importantly, he's one of the most inspirational figures of our time.

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