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E-BIZ: How to Use Your Customer Questions Improving Your Sales
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How to Use Your Customer Questions

Improving Your Sales
By Rose Salas

BT 201812 e biz 01如何使用您的客户问题

客户是成功企业的基础。 当您开展业务时,首先要考虑的是在最短的时间内赚取收入。 即使您拥有最好的产品和最好的员工,您的客户仍然是最重要的,因为没有它们,任何企业都无法生存。


1. 将客户问题用于心理因素评估:


2. 利用客户问题来推广您的品牌
您是否遇到来自过海外买家的问题,例如“您是来自中国的卖家吗?” 或者,“你在_____(国家)有商店吗?”

3. 使用客户问题提出个性化策略或方法


BT 201812 e biz 03Customers are the foundation of a successful business. When you put up a business, the first thought that you have in mind is to earn revenue in the shortest possible time. Even if you have the finest product and the best employees working with you, your customers are still the most important because without them, no business can survive.

Every marketing strategy is designed towards creating a massive increase in sales by retaining existing and loyal customers. Identifying and meeting the needs of customers will resolve low satisfaction rates and in the long run, will ensure repeat business. Using your customer’s questions can greatly improve your sales and can also be used as a gauge in tracking your customer service improvement.

How do you use your customer’s questions to improve sales?

BT 201812 e biz 021. Using Customer’s Questions for Psychological Factor or Evaluation

Customers always play a very crucial role when you are making a product or are deciding which product you should develop or sell. If you understand your customer’s behaviour, you can always have them stick to your product and patronize your brand. If you have an ecommerce shop and your social media engagement is good, you will encounter different questions like:

• How soon can I receive my order?
• Do you have a warranty for this product?
• Can I get a discount or voucher code?
• Why did you send me a defective item?
• Why is your delivery taking a long time?
• Why did I not receive an insert in the box?

These are just a few questions you may receive from your potential or existing customers. If you truly analyse, each question has a specific concern and maybe you are wondering why your sales are declining or not growing. For example, “Why did you send me a defective item?” You know for yourself that you will not send a defective item to your customer. This usually happens when you have a drop shipping business and products are not personally inspected before being shipped out to customers. Ideally, customers will not think that this is not your fault. Their reaction to the issue will tell you of the next steps - replace and apologize to the customer. But actually, this is just the damage control action plan. What you really need to do to improve your sales is to talk to your supplier or get a better supplier that can ship out a carefully-inspected and defect-free item.

By going through each question, you can identify an opportunity for growth of sales because the way customers think, feel, react or reason out would give you a hint of what considerations should be taken care of. These psychological factors or consumer psychology will give you a comprehensive understanding on how their thoughts, beliefs, and influence can make them decide whether to do business with you.

BT 201812 e biz 042. Using Customer’s Questions to Promote Your Brand

Have you encountered a question from an offshore buyer like "Are you a seller from China?" or, "Do you have a store in _____(country)?”

We can't deny that some customers abroad think that products coming from here are of low quality because some sellers build a bad reputation through their brand. To promote your brand, use these questions to help them realize that not all sellers are the same. You can build your credibility by telling a story about your brand, and give them an opportunity to be served better. This will work to the advantage of your business once you have proven it to your customers and have gained their trust. Be your customer’s consultant by offering them options. Show them that they have made a good decision by choosing you over some competitors and be amazed to see big impact on your sales.

3. Use Customer’s Questions to Devise a Personalization Strategy or Approach

In a business relationship, customer is the KING and the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT. It is normal for a customer to call up customer service hotline and ask questions and help about the product they bought. It happens when they felt cheated, experienced inconvenience, or needed help in understanding the functions of the product they bought. Use their questions to develop a more personal approach when reaching out to their concerns. Let them feel the urgency to help them and you’ll see that they’ll be more than excited to try most of your products. Customers are willing to pay more if you have a personalized approach. This strategy will bring in more customers and increase the sales of your business.

Communication is always the best key to resolving issues and leads to sales growth. Today’s market is saturated with good and bad competitors and customers have a lot of options, so retaining them is hard. Long-term success of business can be achieved through nurtured relationships and meeting the customer’s requirement. If you think you need some boost on your sales, try these strategies and see how many questions would give you an opportunity for a major increase in your sales figures!

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