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Tianjin Plus OUT! January 2019 Edition
Published on: 2018-12-29
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A successful bilingual nursery needs knowledgeable, affectionate leaders who are passionate about impacting a whole generation. Head of Early Years, Mrs Dionne Zantua, and Deputy Head, Mrs Lisa Li, provide this and much, much more. Having grown up with parents as educators herself, Mrs Zantua was exposed from an early age to the life-changing impact that teaching can have. Despite her extensive experience of knowing how pivotal those first few years can be from her time in the US, in the UAE and now here in China, she feels she can never know enough about children.

Here comes the beginning of another year! Let's think ahead of the curve for the future 2019 trends and have a look at the Interior Design column. The New Year is the best time to make the most of your home spaces for a lifetime and beyond.

Vision Hill Arts Centre has already been standing for a better part of a decade because of the demand for an outlet for art and culture in a busy city, such as Tianjin. Thriving in the heart of the High-Tech area in Nankai District, Vision Hill Art Centre is a unique conduit for showcasing or even cultivating aesthetic values.

Sleek, straight and luscious hair is what renders Chinese women enviable to the rest of the world! They are, of course, blessed with good genes, but it won't be wrong if we say they are way ahead of the West in the haircare game. Check our Beauty column to know the reasons why traditional Chinese haircare remains a stark contrast to the Western methods and it has proved itself worthy time and again for hair growth and nourishment, at any age!

I am sure you will find very interesting all the other articles that we have published this month, and we hope that you will enjoy and find them useful in your daily life.

Don't forget to visit our website www.tianjinplus.com and follow us on our official WeChat account (ID: tianjin_plus) for more articles and information.

Best wishes,
Sandy Moore
Managing Editor | Tianjin Plus Magazine
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自2011年成立以来,天津惠灵顿学校一直是启迪天津未来思想领袖的标志性品牌。在为2-18岁的学生提供教育时,天津惠灵顿学校以五大惠灵顿特质为基础:积极、慎思、独立、个性、包容。 在学术上,惠灵顿学子得以进入世界顶尖大学就读,在个人成长方面,教职员工也努力展现惠灵顿价值观,尊重、善良对待社会。






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