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TECH: Smart Toothbrush
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The smart age is taking over the dental industry
Smart Toothbrush
By Fanny Bates

BT 201901 tech 01智能时代正在接管牙科行业

刷牙时我们是否清洗了口中的所有区域? 我们刷的时间够长吗? 虽然我们可能会在一年一次或两次访问期间得到牙医的反馈,但我们如何知道我们是否在其余时间正确刷牙? 智能牙刷可能是解决这个问题的方法。 通过正确的使用数据,我们可以获得有关如何更好地刷牙,在昂贵的牙科手术上花费更少钱的反馈。


目前有39亿人患有某种形式的口腔疾病,这令人非常痛苦。 但是还有希望的,因为大多数口腔疾病都很容易预防。 法国Kolibree公司结合了最先进的传感器技术,设计了一款“智能牙刷”,以“超越牙医”。



Today, we brush our teeth without knowing how well we're brushing. Are we reaching all the zones in our mouth? Are we brushing long enough? While we might get feedback from our dentist during our once or twice a year visits, how do we know whether we’re brushing correctly the rest of the time? Smart Toothbrush might be a solution to this problem. With proper usage data, we could have feedback on how to brush better, spending less money on the expensive dental procedure.

Kolibree's First Smart Toothbrush

BT 201901 tech 02The fact that 3.9 billion people are currently suffering from some form of oral disease is deeply distressing. But there’s hope because most cases of oral disease are easily preventable. French company Kolibree has combined the most advanced sensor technology and designed a smart toothbrush “to outsmart your dentist”. The world’s first smart toothbrush is made of 3D sensors that track the path where we move the toothbrush, at the same time showing the sections you might need a little more brushing. These sensors include a gyroscope, accelerometer, and a magnetometer that detect the location and angle of the brush. In that way, we all can keep track of our brushing habits over some period of time. And that’s not all. While tracking our brushing positions, this smart device also measures how often we brush our teeth (in the morning, in the evening, after the meal, before we go out), and how much time we are spending on brushing. The data are all provided through a specially designed app for Android and iOS devices. This powerful technology also has the ability to store data, and create a personalized visual “check-up to show where the user brushed —and missed—over a 7-day period.”

The fun part about the smart toothbrush is that children and adults will be motivated to brush better through games, designed especially for kids, and coaching for adults, which will guide them toward improved dental hygiene. If you don’t pay enough attention, or you are being sloppy trying to finish the brushing quickly, you will get a low rating. The better you brush, the better you do in the game. This will keep the children and adults fully engaged for a full two minutes. Siblings and parents can enjoy a family-friendly competition, saving money on other products which aren’t that useful.

"Kolibree's innovative technology educates the user to brush better, longer, and more thoroughly," said dental hygienist Elizabeth Farrell, RDH, BSDH, from Hurst, Texas, who is now working with Kolibree as a consultant after using the Kolibree toothbrush for about a year. "While Kolibree doesn’t proclaim to solve periodontal disease or suggest it can keep cavities or gingivitis at bay," the company admits in a press release, "the better you take care of your teeth, the more likely you can and will avoid serious problems."

Oral B's smart toothbrush lets dentists spy on your brushing

BT 201901 tech 03Oral-B's new toothbrush has made a great entrance to the world of dental hygiene. It was launched as part of Mobile World Congress’s Connected City exhibition, as the next evolution of the smart bathroom. The company made one step further in the dental world, allowing us to share the results of successful brushing online with our dentist or even on Facebook or Tweeter. The process of brushing is designed to track the positions and time spent on brushing. The sessions, like the Kolibree’s, last for two minutes, but it made of segments which last 30 seconds, one for each corner of the mouth. The toothbrush is connected with the mobile device through Bluetooth, and if the results are satisfying you’ll receive a special message on your smartphone: “Congratulations, your teeth are shining.” This way, the trend to record everything that we do during the day, the calories that we take, the activities we follow, got to a whole new level. Now we can share our brushing habits with the world, motivating ourselves to be better each time.

“It provides the highest degree of user interaction to track your oral care habits to help improve your oral health, and we believe it will have significant impact on the future of personal oral care, providing data-based solutions for oral health, and making the relationship between dental professionals and patients a more collaborative one,” said Wayne Randall, global vice president of Oral Care at Procter and Gamble. The Oral’s two product which will be available are SmartSeries 7000, sold for $220, while the SmartSeries 5000 will retail for $160.

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