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Business Tianjin OUT! April 2019 Edition
Published on: 2019-04-01
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International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March, annually providing an important moment to showcase commitment to women’s achievements, raise awareness, and highlight gender parity gains, and more. So, each year on this day, the world inspires women and celebrates their achievements.

Business Tianjin Magazine in tandem with Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin, were able to host a leadership Lunch at the Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant, celebrating the limitless potential of women and allowing the top Women leaders and executives of Tianjin to network and connect with each other in order to enhance their important roles in the society to build a better tomorrow, and to empower women of the future.

The Chinese economy has printed downbeat numbers, many of which are far below expectations. The numbers do not come as a surprise to many who were waiting for the economy to show signs of a slowdown. Global demand is weakening due to slower global growth. The domestic market in China seems to be faltering, manufacturing activity is shrinking in medium and small size factories, but while the economy is showing signs of weakness, many analysts are still optimistic and believe that many tools can be used to stimulate the economy.

In early March, at the “Two Sessions” of the National People’s Congress, the chairman of the NPC standing committee, Li Zhangshu, noted that a property tax would be among those taxes that would soon be implemented, without specifying exactly what that time line was. This is at least the third time this topic has been brought up at this level, signalling action is coming. Michael Hart, an expert of the Real Estate sector in China provided to us a good introduction of this topic in this issue.

You also should not miss the Tech article as well. While it definitely sounds bizarre and indistinguishable from a sci-fi movie plot, the day is probably not too far when tiny robots, known as nanobots, will roam freely inside your body to detect and cure various health hazards, including humanity’s worst nemesis: Cancer. Amazing, right?

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Mary Smith

Managing Editor | Business Tianjin Magazine

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10   ECONOMY: Downbeat numbers

BT 201904 ECONOMY 0112   FEATURE STORY: The World’s Largest Innovation Economy!

BT 201904 FEATURE 0115   COVER STORY: International Women’s Day Lunch at Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin

BT 201904 COVER 0120   FOCUS: BT First Foreign Telecom With Nationwide China License

BT 201904 FOCUS 0122   TRAVEL: Dubrovnik

BT 201904 TRAVEL 0124   IN DEPTH: An important milestone

BT 201904 INVESTMENT 0126   INSPIRATION: Wealth isn’t the same thing as intelligence

BT 201904 INSPIRATIOMN 0128   INVESTMENT: Ke.com at the top of the list

BT 201904 In depth 01



36   E-BIZ: How to Retain Your International Customers

BT 201904 e biz 0138   REAL ESTATE: How China’s proposed property tax will make help renters and first-time buyers

BT 201904 real 0140   TAX & FINANCE: Commercial Dispute Resolution

BT 201904 LEGAL 0243   Legal Assistance: The Impact of New Individual Income Tax Laws on Foreign Individuals Working in China

BT 201904 legal 0148   TECH: Nanobots to be deployed in fight against Cancer

BT 201904 TECH 0150   MARKETING: The Use of Data Analytics in Marketing

BT 201904 MARKETING 0152   HR: HR transition to the cloud



62   ART & LEISURE: Importance of Time in Chinese Culture

BT 201904 ART 0164   BOOK REVIEW: The Chinese Economy Adaptation and Growth

BT 201904 BOOK 0165   LAST WORDS: A Mindful EaterBT 201904 LAST 01

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