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Tianjin Plus OUT! April 2019 Edition
Published on: 2019-04-01
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TP 201904 340X481TP 201904 QR PDFChina has a long history of excelling in sports; that is why it is not surprising that they hold numerous sporting events in the country. Building China into sport’s power is part of China's goals. China has evolved to be a popular contender in the aspect of competitive sports. Meanwhile, there are still a several traditional games which are also beautifully executed in China. You can read in this edition some of the sporting events to be held in China in 2019 which you can enjoy.

With the spring season very suitable for sightseeing and outdoor activities, you can read our Top List of recommended places to embrace nature, try out something new or rediscover China’s rich culture. Some are well-known tourist spots, while others are offbeat destinations for those adventurous-at-heart.

Choosing a restaurant from one of the thousands in Beijing can be an interesting task to do since its food is a mix of international influences and many generations’ traditions that offer locals and tourists the opportunity to try a full range of options. Beijing Beat helps you out by compiling some of the most comfortable local restaurants that you can’t definitely miss.

An increasing number of people are turning towards wholesome vegan diets these days. The general trend all over the world is an inclination towards going clean and green. And that is further induced by fitness and lifestyle channels. So you will find in this edition 10 super rich plant based protein sources that you can include in your diet.

I am sure you will also find very interesting all the other articles published this month, and we hope that you will enjoy and find them useful in your daily life.

Don't forget to visit our website www.tianjinplus.com and follow us on our official WeChat account (ID: tianjin_plus) for more articles and information.

Best wishes,

Sandy Moore

Managing Editor | Tianjin Plus Magazine

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