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Tianjin Plus OUT! May 2019 Edition
Published on: 2019-05-02
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TP 201905 340X481

TP 201905 PDFWe read of stories about valiant war survivors in novels, and a vivid image is painted in our minds based on those narratives. But, it’s always hard to personalize with them, to get into their shoes. It’s a whole other realm. Meeting an individual with such a laudable story line is not an ordinary occurrence. Tianjin Plus has been quick to grab an opportunity to inspire our faithful readers with narratives that are anything, but prosaic.

We met with Gary Nash on his most recent visit to Tianjin from Australia and we feature our conversation with him in this issue. Coming from a Russian ancestral line, Igor Ivashkoff (Gary Nash) was born on 13th of June, 1932, in Tientsin (Tianjin) after his matriarchal family migrated to China following the Russian Revolution in November, 1922. They established their roots in Tianjin and were hoping to make it their home. However, they were hit by a second debacle when the Maoist revolutionary forces advanced on the city from the north and the emigrants were forced to leave.

Airline alliances allow each traveller to access cheaper flights, get better deals and travel even to far-flung destinations using streamlined connected flights at any given moment. In this issue, we feature the three largest airline alliances. Combined, they offer almost 50% of all air tickets available per year. With their scope and membership, you get to understand their significance in making flights available across the planet.

I am sure you will also find very interesting all the other articles published this month.

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Best wishes,

Sandy Moore

Managing Editor | Tianjin Plus Magazine

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本期封面人物Gary Nash与天津有着深远的联系,他是曾经在天津生活过的俄罗斯裔澳大利亚人。Gary于1932年6月13日出生于天津,他的母亲在1922年11月俄国革命之后移居天津,并希望在这里长久的生活下去。那个动荡的时代,Gary带给了我们深刻的历史记忆,更为一代人书写了独一无二的生命历程。





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