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INVESTMENT: Geely is growing locally and abroad
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Geely is growing locally and abroad
By Morgan Brady

BT 201905 investment 01吉利正在本国和海外发展

汽车制造商吉利(Geely)成立于1986年,正式名称为浙江吉利控股集团有限公司。2019年1月,该公司报告称,仅2018年就销售了150多万台汽车。 这比一年前增加了20%。 该公司预计将继续增长。

该集团还扩大了其网络。吉利汽车增加了200家经销商,其中45%是在2018年根据合资协议运营的。经销商的表现令人印象深刻,因为他们平均每年销售1450辆汽车。 这比2017年的销售额高出10%。



BT 201905 investment 02The automotive manufacturer, Geely, established in 1986 and formally known as Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd is an example of a company that managed its global expansion well. Although established in the 1980s, it only started to compete with its Geely brand in 1997, when it introduced it to the market. In January 2019, the company reported that it had sold over 1.5 million units in 2018 alone. This represents an increase of 20 percent from a year earlier. The company is expected to continue growing.

The SUVs that the company produces were particularly popular, as they constituted 57 percent of the sales. As a result, the company assumed a leading position in this market segment. The company’s best-selling connected and intelligent SUV, the Bo Yue, reached sales of 255,695 units in 2018 with average monthly sales of over 20,000 units. The Emgrand GS model reached sales of 157,638 units in 2018, and the value focused Vision SUV and Vision X3 SUV reached sales of 113,309 and 116,944 units respectively in the same year.

Geely group has a premium brand called LYNK & CO, and it was launched before 2018. Sales reached over 10,000 units for 6 straight months, selling over 120,414 units over the course of 2018. The group also launched many electric models to keep up with the market. The models include Emgrand EV450, Bo Rui GE, Emgrand GSe and LYNK & CO 01 PHEV, and the sales of those models reached 68,549 units in 2018. Between 2010 and 2018, Geely’s sales have doubled, and the sales target for the group is 1.51 million units in 2019. Currently, the brand is ranked the eighteenth in the world.

BT 201905 investment 04Wider network

The group also expanded its network. Geely auto added 200 dealerships, 45% of which were operating under a joint venture agreement in 2018. The dealerships’ performance was impressive, as they were selling 1450 cars per year each on average. This is higher by 10 percent than the sales in 2017. LYNK & CO’s network currently has 212 dealerships and there are plans to add 114 more in 2019.

The group is highly interested in developing highly advanced models and remaining at the top of the industry. To achieve this, it has established five global R&D centres and five design centres, with the task of developing new energy and connectivity technologies. The plans include the development of electric, hybrid, alternative fuels, and fuel cell technologies.

BT 201905 investment 03Strategic cooperation with Daimler

The two companies, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd and Daimler, have agreed on establishing a joint venture, with the purpose of launching Smart microcar brand into the markets. According to the agreement, the factory, which will be owned 50-50 by both companies, will be built in China. The production of the factory is supposed to be sold all around the world. More details are yet to be released by the end of this year regarding this strategic cooperation.

This is not the first cooperation between the two companies, however. The two had also joined forces to launch ride-hailing and car-sharing services in China and compete with the leading company in the market, Didi Chuxing.

BT 201905 investment 05Geely Group launches its first full-electric vehicle

Recently, Geely Group has launched its new brand Geometry. The automobile is all electric and it is presented as a luxury brand. The price is around 31,000 euros for the first model, Geometry A. This model will be offered in a standard range and a long range version, which will respectively have battery packs with a capacity of 51.9 kWh and 61.9 kWh. They will be supplied with CATL ternary lithium batteries. According to the company, there are two versions of the car, the first has a standard range of 410 km (255 miles) and the second has a long range of 500 km (311 miles).

The group plans to launch 10 pure electric models within the Geometry brand in multiple segments, including sedans, SUVs, crossovers, and MPVs by 2025.

BT 201905 investment 06Summary

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co is becoming a star among Chinese automobile manufacturers. Its sales volume is growing in China and all around the world, given the many features and advantages it offers, including fuel efficiency, affordability, and good technology. Spare parts for the car are also not hard to find.

Strategically speaking, the car manufacturer is forming alliances with renowned global manufacturers, such as Daimler, which manufactures Mercedes Benz cars. The two companies have formed a joint venture with the intention of launching the Smart microcar brand. The two groups together are supposed to be even stronger, and this cooperation is expected to benefit both of them greatly.

Geely group is likely to grow in its market power locally and abroad in the coming years if the trajectory continues, which is likely the case. As it grows, it is likely to take on stronger rivals in the market.

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