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TRAVEL: Iguazú
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Great Wonders of Nature
By Nikita Jaeger

BT 201905 travel 01伊瓜苏





BT 201905 TRAVEL 05Puerto Iguazú is a triple border city, bordering Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil, a small metropolis with its unique lifestyle. Well renowned for its Iguazú Falls, Puerto Iguazú has every minute details to please its visitors. Pictures cannot capture the magnificent views of Iguazú; it has to experience.

Until visiting Iguazu Falls, I thought Niagara Falls of Canada were pretty incredible than any other falls in the world. Whether you want to explore the city, or to visit the Iguazú Falls, this comprehensive hide would assist you with uncovering all hidden spots of the city.

How to reach there

BT 201905 TRAVEL 02Puerto Iguazú is at the end of the road in Argentina, looking across to Brazil and Paraguay. Iguazu is one of the main tourist attractions in South America and every day you can be part of a day trip or round trip tourist service, costing you about US$26 per head, excluding food and accommodation. Overall, it is quite safe, attractive city with lots of good transportation connections, accommodation, excellent places to eat and more.

The easiest way to reach Puerto Iguazu is to fly. But, there are also buses and ferry services that connect visitors to the city. It has well-connected transport services, so that you won’t find it difficult to get to Puerto Iguazu.


BT 201905 TRAVEL 03In the Argentinean side, it’s a one and half hour’s flights from Buenos Aires, with many direct flights operating in the route. Prices can vary considerably, but booking a month in advance would get your flights for $420-$660. From the airport, you can take minibusses or a taxi, but keep in mind that taxi fares fluctuate regularly due to inflation. Minibusses are the cheapest and recommended of transportation from the airport to your hotel.


BT 201905 TRAVEL 06Puerto Iguazu also has bus routes that connect the city from many cities in Argentina, from the central bus terminal of Puerto Iguazu. It is a 20-hour journey from Buenos Aires and costs around $ 30 to 45. You can also try the hop on hop-off services from Chile, Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia to Puerto Iguazu. Green road, Flecha, and Mercobus are some of the famous companies offering bus services.

Form Paraguay; it is possible to take a short ferry ride to Puerto Iguazu for less than a dollar.

BT 201905 TRAVEL 07Best time to get there

Iguazu is the best destination that you can visit year-round, but if you want to see the falls, it is best to visit during December-February. While it is the best time to visit, due to rainfall can lead to the closure of some trails. March-September is also another perfect time to visit, and I would suggest visiting the city during this time, which is also coincide with the Easter period and filled with local tourists from Argentina and Brazil.

I have planned my visit in March, right after the summer rush and was unlucky to get rainfall during the visit to the Argentina side of the falls, but were able to see the difference between both sides.

BT 201905 TRAVEL 08Temperature does change all the time, but it is significant to know the difference between high, low seasons and dry and rainy season to save yourself from getting stuck at heavy downpour.

Months of September and October make the perfect opportunity to explore the falls, due to the moderate temperature, and it is more economical as well, considering the accommodation as there would be fewer tourists.

BT 201905 TRAVEL 09Hidden spots you must visit

Triple border milestone
Triple border milestone is an emblematic tourist site, where three countries and two rivers amalgamate. It is ideal for experiencing Argentina from one side and Brazil and Paraguay on the front side, to view the similarities and differences of these 3 countries in a panoramic view.

BT 201905 TRAVEL 10Orchid gardens
Located on Jangadero street are the colourful orchid gardens, always charming its viewers with the mystical beauty of nature. I was amazed at the hues and shapes adopted by different kind of plants that remains a mystery for science.

BT 201905 TRAVEL 11Iguazu National Park
Sprawling on the border of 3 countries, Iguazu National Park is one of the great wonders of nature, as well as an UNESCO world heritage site. The park is a natural beauty on its own surrounded by rainforests with various kinds of flora and fauna.

BT 201905 TRAVEL 04The entry fee from Argentina border costs less than $2 and varies for locals and foreigners. Iguazu waterfalls are the major attraction of the park with devil’s throat, the largest of waterfalls is a must visit one.

We chose a Macuco Safari Boat Ride over helicopter ride that took us on a long water journey through the jungle. While a helicopter ride is an overwhelming experience, my love for water seduced me to choose the thrilling boat ride.

There are lots of accommodation facilities, but we stayed at a friendly little hostel that was a few minutes’ walk from the bus terminal.

Puerto Iguazu is the most convenient entry point to the falls from the Argentina side of the border and makes the ideal resting point for those going on an excursion to the falls.

BT 201905 TRAVEL 12Conclusion

You could be in a dilemma to choose which country is good for visiting Iguazu Falls. Since the Falls straddle the borders of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay and are easily accessible from any of these countries, technically you can choose any of these three countries, depending on your travel and visa convenience. For people who give budget priority over other things, Argentina could have a better edge over other countries.

Even though Brazil can bring the picturesque view of many individual waterfalls, about 275 in numbers, which braze over an 80-meter steep cliff, the Argentinian side offers the most daring view of the Iguazu Falls.

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