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Business Tianjin OUT! July 2019 Edition
Published on: 2019-07-01
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BT 201907 340X458BT 201907 QR PDFWe have the privilege this month to interview Mr Volker Palm, CEO of WAGO Electronic (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., company founded in 1997 at Wuqing Development Area (UDA), Tianjin. During our conversation with Volker, German by birth, but Chinese by heart, who has lived and worked for the past 25 years in China, we discover the success of WAGO and always a positive mindset of its leader in Tianjin.

The key to success is to be always one step ahead of the game in any decision you make. This is one of WAGO main principles and the reason to continuously keep abreast of industry trends.





The Chinese economy is still growing, albeit that growth is slower in some areas, such as the industrial sector. The Chinese economy remains resilient in the face of geopolitical shocks, such as the intensifying trade war. The government is prepared to stimulate the economy, and many enterprises are showing flexibility by planning to relocate their manufacturing plants to avert the tariffs. Despite expectations of slower economic growth in the upcoming quarters, pessimism is not fully warranted yet.

中国经济仍在增长,尽管某些领域的增长放缓。 零售销售,包括在线销售,正在增长,固定投资也在增加,特别是在高科技服务方面。 面对诸如贸易战加剧等地缘政治冲击,中国经济仍然具有弹性。

Last meeting of G20 has reached the decision to give some tile to the trade talk. The decision of the US to ban the collaboration, technology, and services from foreign adversaries is believed to be a warning to all Android phone companies. The challenge rises as Huawei will need to outwit and introduce to the public the alternative solution for the award-winning Google services. There is no press release yet on how Huawei will resolve this Android barrier and hurdles for their future device to appease the Google users. It will mean creating its own App Store that you can find in Huawei phones, as AppGallery. At the moment, global users are waiting for Huawei’s “Plan B.”


Rafael Nadal is a true fighter, and despite the frequent injuries, he was able to pull out stunning victories, which are inspirational to many youngsters and entrepreneurs. Sometimes he took long leave from the circuits, but those vacations he used to garner his strengths to outsmart his opponents. His life is an inspirational story for many business leaders.


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Mary Smith

Managing Editor | Business Tianjin Magazine

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