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MARKETING: 5 Proven Strategies for Building Backlinks in 2019
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5 Proven Strategies for Building Backlinks in 2019
By Andy Marsh

BT 201906 MARKETING 012019年建立反向链接的5个有效策略

It’s 2019, and backlinks remain vital ranking factors to focus on. According to SEOMoz, the link popularity of a specific page accounts for 22.33% on Google’s ranking algorithm and will influence the traffic to your website. However, most link-building strategies (guest-posting, and blog submission directories) are outdated, generate few backlinks, and are time and energy consuming.

Today, you will learn how to build quality backlinks and FAST.



BT 201907 MARKETING 02Let’s jump into these strategies.

1. Select an Evergreen Topic

Evergreen content is content that never goes out of date. It revolves around a topic that will always have readers regardless of the season or the news cycle. If you take a closer look at the definition, you will realize there are two parameters: topic and content.

An evergreen topic is one with consistent search volume over time. If you are in the fitness industry, an evergreen topic would be “weight loss.” Evergreen content, on the other hand, revolves around this topic. For our topic, a perfect example of evergreen content would be “10 Ways to Lose Weight without Dieting.”

Evergreen content is great, as it accumulates links over a subastantial period and is unlikely to be de-indexed since it gets traffic over a long time.

P.S. The keyword “weight loss” gets over 10K searches every month.

BT 201907 MARKETING 031.选择常青主题


2. The Skyscraper Technique for Evergreen Content

Created by Brian Dean from Backlinko, it is a strategy of turning content into quality backlinks.

It is a rather simple, but genius idea that starts with researching the most popular topics in your niche. It could be “SEO tools” for digital marketers. A simple Google search will suffice, but we recommend Buzzsumo to find the most shared content. Next, you create content that is 5 to 10X better than the competition. Finally, you have to promote your content and especially to people you mention in the post.

This worked for Dean Brian when he created an SEO tool definitive guide that has backlinks from over 600 domains. Even better, the links are from authority websites, such as Entrepreneur.com, and Hubspot.

BT 201907 MARKETING 062.常青内容的构建技术

由Backlinko的Brian Dean创建,这是一种将内容转化为高质量反向链接的策略。
从研究最受欢迎的主题开始。它可能是数字营销人员的“SEO工具”。这对Brian Dean来说是有用的,因为他创建了一个SEO工具权威指南,该指南包含来自600多个域的反向链接。

3. The HARO Technique

If you are willing to put in the time, and you are interested in links from authority sites, being a source for bloggers and reporters will get you some high-quality backlinks.

The HARO (Help a Reporter Out) technique is a passive link building strategy, i.e., the opportunities come to you over you going to them. HARO is like tinder for public relations, and it is a free service that provides reporters with sources for upcoming stories. It connects journalists to people who want exposure (you). Once you sign up on HARO, you should keep an eye out for requests you can contribute to, and send a concise, but valuable pitch to those that interest you.

BT 201907 MARKETING 083. HARO技术

4. The Moving Man Method

The moving man method is another technique created by Brian Dean, and it relies on using outdated resources. First, find resources that have changed names, moved, or shut down. A great example is when SEOMoz.org changed to MOZ.com.

Next, find authority websites that are linked to SEOMoz.org and are not aware of the change. Remember you are interested in authority websites and thus focus on those with the highest domain authority. Finally, reach out to those that still link to the outdated resource, and give them a quick heads up. While at it, offer a valuable resource from your website they can link to. Most sites will be inclined to link to your site given the value you provided.

BT 201907 MARKETING 094. Moving Man的技术
Moving Man的技术是Brian Dean的另一个发明。一个很好的例子是当SEOMoz.org改为MOZ.com时。找到原链接SEOMoz.org,联系那些仍然与过时资源相关联的人,并快速提醒他们。在此期间,您可以链接到您的网站提供宝贵的资源。鉴于您提供的价值,大多数网站都倾向于链接到您的网站。

5. Use Branded Strategies and Techniques

If you have been paying close attention, you should have realized that the techniques have some unique names; from The Skyscraper technique, The Moving Man Method, or The HARO technique. These names are catchy and ensure that people link to your content. Some people will go as far as to publish content about it and link back.

First, you need to develop a unique strategy. You don’t need unique ingredients, just a unique recipe; a great example is The Briefcase Technique by Ramit Sethi. Next, name the approach and ensure it describes what the stratagem does, and finally publish it as part of your website.

BT 201907 MARKETING 105.使用品牌战略的技术
如果你一直在密切关注,应该意识到这些技术有一些独特的名字,并确保人们链接到您的内容, 所以您需要一个独特的品牌战略。


When building backlinks, remember it is not the quantity but the quality that matters. Use the techniques above to wow your prospects and get quality backlinks. The strategies take time, but they ensure BIG results.


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