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Business Tianjin OUT! August 2019 Edition
Published on: 2019-08-01
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BT 201908 cover 340X458BT 201908 QR PDFLast month we have visited one of the most emblematic hotels in the planet earth. China World Hotel, Beijing has hosted some of the most important dignitaries and business leaders in the world. The hotel is also known as the ‘second state guest house’ for visiting state leaders, and since its opening in 1990, it is the preferred venue for many flagship conferences and international business events. Recently they have just officially unveiled the new and upgraded Horizon Club rooms and suites, and we have the privilege to talk with Stephan Kapek, who has been appointed Area Manager of Shangri-La Group and General Manager of China World Hotel, Beijing, and his main focus is to Develop Leadership in Hospitality.

Main economic growth numbers released on June are at historically low levels, yet, many other indicators appear to be healthy. The country reported the weakest economic growth in 27 years (since 1992). The Chinese government still has much room to manoeuvre and remain on track to achieve its ambitious growth goals. However, the global economic environment appears to be challenging, which can make the government’s task harder. Asian economies are usually the first to take a hit when tensions happen, as they are densely connected with the Chinese economy. Analysts expect that the economy will weaken further in the second half. A major factor behind this is the weakening international demand. Despite this, many economists still expect an annual growth rate of over 6 percentage points. The government is expected to increase its intervention.

Lately, when I meet people that I know from long time ago, I get the weird feeling that we don’t need to say anything to know our thoughts. It is common to us, the situation that we are passing, but at the same time, it is different. No new words to say, but we know that it is coming the time of uncertainty that normally comes after few years, and especially when western countries are closer to a crisis, that I guess will happen again soon.

I know many factories are closed or in the process of closing. People are not optimistic, but they don’t feel afraid, as they are used to change and find their way. They feel protected in some way from the measures that the government is taking or will take in the near future.

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Mary Smith

Managing Editor | Business Tianjin Magazine

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