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TECH: MOVE. All you Need to Know
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MOVE: All you Need to Know
By Stella Law

BT 201908 TECH 01June 18th, 2019, was a big day for the cryptocurrency community worldwide as it was officially unveiled Libra, a global digital currency that promises financial inclusion and empowerment to billions of people across the world - including those left behind by the traditional financial system.


BT 201908 TECH 03Founding partners of the Libra Foundation

There have been loads of speculations about the potential impact of Libra on the global financial order since, with some calling it a positive development for the crypto space, while others denouncing it as outright dangerous.

Amidst all those noises, one key aspect about Libra that hasn’t got much attention from the mainstream media is that Facebook is introducing a brand new programming language called Move to go along with the Libra ecosystem.


BT 201908 TECH 04Move: New Programming Language for Blockchain Developers

For starters, Move is a new programming language designed to execute custom transaction logics and smart contracts on the blockchain at the heart of Libra. Because Facebook plans on optimizing Libra to facilitate billions of financial transactions every day, safety and security are at the forefront of its priorities.

Move是一种新的,旨在为Libra blockchain(天秤座区块链)提供安全与可编程基础的语言。Libra blockchain的account(账号)可以拥有任意数量的Move Resources(资源)和Move Modules(模块)的container(容器)。提交给Libra Blockchain上的每个交易都使用Move语言编写的交易脚本来执行逻辑。交易脚本通过调用模块(module)中已声明的过程(procedures)来更新区块链的全局状态。

BT 201908 TECH 07Worth noting here is that the Facebook team working on the project chose to go with the moniker “Move” because the primary role of the new programming language will be to move Libra Coins from one wallet/account to another.

值得注意的是,参与该项目的Facebook团队选择使用绰号“Move”,因为新编程语言的主要作用是将Libra Coins从一个钱包/账户转移到另一个钱包/账户。

As described in the official documentation introducing Libra, Move has been designed to make it easier and more time-efficient for developers to make applications and processes atop the Libra blockchain. More specifically, it facilitates a programming environment where blockchain developers can seamlessly execute their intent without accidentally introducing bugs in the process.


BT 201908 TECH 06Besides, when fully ready, Move promises to facilitate an ideal platform for building smart contracts powered by the Libra blockchain. It will have several notable advantages over the Ethereum smart contract language. Take, for example, the fact that Move relies on static typing (which is a logical constraint) and is much stricter comparatively. For perspective, most of the new-generation programming languages, including the likes of Golang, Rust, Scala, Typescript count on static typing to ensure that developers can get rid of simple bugs right during the compilation phase rather than having to wait until the execution.

However, there’s some distance to go before Move is ready to accommodate smart contracts, and until that happens, developers will have to confine to Move IR for producing transaction scripts and modules.

(Note: Move IR is the compiler responsible for compiling all the scripts and modules right down to their bytecode representations. It’s human-readable, but not sufficiently high-level for a direct translation into Move bytecodes.)

BT 201908 TECH 05The primary responsibilities of Move include:


• Issuing digital assets and managing their transactions on the Libra blockchain


• Managing the security and efficiency of the network of validators nodes


• Ensuring smooth implementation of the underlying governing policies of Libra


• Making sure that Libra tokens cannot be duplicated or removed from the ecosystem


BT 201908 TECH 02While Move is still in need of some serious polishing, it has demonstrated enough potential to pave the way for Facebook to build a grand global digital asset platform encompassing smart contracts and decentralized apps -- a space that originally belonged to Ethereum, but is currently under challenge.

Refer to the official documentation here to have an in-depth look into the technical nitty-gritty of Move and its scope within the Libra ecosystem. Meanwhile, let us know how you view Facebook’s decision to dive head-first into the crypto space. Will Bitcoin and other popular digital currencies benefit from the social media giant’s move? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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