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Metropolitan Ladies Cup 2019 & 1003 Rose Polo Cup
Published on: 2019-10-08
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02On October 5th and 6th ,The 3rd Metropolitan Ladies Cup 2019 PRO-AM and China 1003 ROSE POLO CUP was successfully held in the South Field of Tianjin Metropolitan Polo Club. This tournament gathered international elite female polo players from China, Argentina, Britain, Switzerland and Germany, which made up of three polo teams, Metropolitan Polo Club Polo Team, X Adventure Polo Team and Claremont Family Office Polo Team. The team level is up to 8 goals.

0110月5日、6日,中国第三届2019环亚女子马球公开赛暨1003 ROSE POLO CUP女子马球玫瑰杯,在天津环亚国际马球会南马场隆重开赛。本次比赛吸引了来自中国、阿根廷、英国、瑞士、德国的知名女球手组成的环亚国际马球队Metropolitan Polo Club、中国•经纬出行队X Adventure Polo Team、新加坡克莱尔蒙特家族办公室队Claremont Family Office三只球队参赛,比赛级别高达8级。

03After two days and six rounds of fierce competition, the Metropolitan Polo Club Polo Team emerged as the winner of the tournament. On the first day of competition, the Claremont Family Office Polo Team easily beat the X Adventure Polo Team with a score of 8:2. Led by Jackie Wang, the Metropolitan Polo Club Polo Team showed outstanding performance and beat the strong X Adventure Polo Team with a score of 5 to 4; In the final championship match, the Metropolitan Polo Club Polo Team narrowly defeated the Claremont Family Office Polo Team 6-5. Rebecca Walters, a British level 6 professional who won the British open Ladies in 2017, was awarded the title of "best player" for her excellent skills and form throughout the match.

0405经过两天六轮激烈角逐,最终,环亚国际马球队脱颖而出,摘得本届赛事的桂冠。首日比赛,新加坡克莱尔蒙特家族办公室队以8:2大比分轻松取胜中国•经纬出行队;由王婧婵Jackie Wang带队的环亚国际马球队表现出众,以5:4的成绩战胜劲旅中国•经纬出行队;在决赛的冠军之战中,环亚国际马球队以6:5的成绩险胜新加坡克莱尔蒙特家族办公室队。曾获得2017英国女子公开赛冠军的英国6级职业球手Rebecca Walters整场比赛球技与状态俱佳,被授予“最佳球手”荣誉。


During the awarding ceremony, the team and the players were presented with trophies and certificates by Ms. Li Kemin, secretary of the party committee of Tianjin sports bureau and director general, Mr.Hou Tianbo, minister of development of Chinese Equestrian Association, Mr. Zhou Xiaojun, President of the Tianjin Equestrian Association and Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Goldin Group, LTD.


09Ladies polo perfectly combines the confidence and elegance of ladies on horseback with the impact of polo, fully displaying the freedom and independence, perseverance and courage of contemporary ladies. As an annual international ladies' cultural exchange platform, Metropolitan Ladies Cup PRO-AM attracts more and more elite ladies from all over the world to participate in the event in Tianjin, China.


1011Outside of the game, Organizers upholds the concept of sports and tourism integration development, the music appreciation, art appreciation, communication party into the sports event, to integrate with the world, strive to create a polo events and polo cultural feast, let more people to understand the polo sport, let more people to experience the essence of the polo is not only a sport, is a kind of elegant way of life.


14This tournament will be sponsored by Fortune Heights, Beijing Capital Land, and Agricultural and Commercial Bank APP, promote polo culture and lifestyle and salute women with dreams all over the world.

152019环亚女子马球公开赛暨1003 ROSE POLO CUP女子马球玫瑰杯得到了富国高银、首创置业和农商银行吉祥生活APP的赞助支持,倡导马球文化和生活方式,向全世界有梦想的女性致敬!

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