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COVER STORY: Aspiration to provide the best quality education!
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DJI 0270IMG 5401Joy Qiao, Founder and Chair of Governors of Wellington College China (WCC), addressed all staff on 10th Anniversary celebrations stating:

“International education and bilingual education have developed prosperously in China in the last decade from 2009 till 2019. From the first year to the tenth year, our original intention and aspiration that we are going to provide the best quality education have never changed!”

IMG 5044DSC01978Wellington College in England was founded by Queen Victoria in 1859 as a national monument to Britain's greatest military figure, the Duke of Wellington, who also served the country with distinction twice as Prime Minister. 160 years later, Wellington College is one of the most highly regarded schools in the United Kingdom and also one of its greatest educational institutions, providing pioneering, innovating and transforming education for girls and boys. This vibrant and popular co-educational day and boarding school has reached new heights in today's rapidly changing and interconnected world.

Since its foundation Wellington College China has established schools and kindergartens in Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou to provide education for children aged three to eighteen, and is recognised as one of the most influential international education groups in China and beyond.

IMG 5468IMG 5228IMG 5215IMG 5207IMG 54712009-2019
The Holistic Cultivation of Future Leaders

10th anniversary celebrations

1Taking "Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Individual and Inclusive" as the Wellington identity, "Courage, Respect, Integrity, Kindness, Responsibility" as the core values, Wellington College China aspires to create a caring, learning community that develops well-rounded individuals who can thrive within an ever-changing world. Upholding the concept of "Holistic Education", WCC provides world-class facilities and faculty team, designed curriculum setting, teaching guidance, family-school communication, so as to care for all aspects of pupils' growth with the pupil-centred belief.

Pupils from WCC have achieved great performance in academic results and university admissions. Among all of our graduates in Tianjin and Shanghai, nearly 20% of them are going to the world's top 20 universities and more than 40% to top 50 universities. The average IB score for Wellington College International Shanghai pupils in 2019 has risen up to 36.6 points (against the global average of 29 points) and 72% of all IGCSE grades being A*-A, and in Tianjin 34% of pupils attained A*-A grades at A Level in 2019 and 62% achieved A*-A grades in IGCSE in 2019.

Cultural Diversity in Mutually Respectful Environment

WCC pupils' school life

2At WCC, we respect, understand and support cultural diversity, and strive to create equal, inclusive and mutually respectful atmosphere in schools for employees, pupils and parents with different nationalities and backgrounds.

The cross-cultural communication between Chinese and foreign employees has always been well under way, while school-family partnership has been effectively strengthened, and parents cooperate with WCC schools to help increase children's engagement and wellbeing in school life together. Among all kinds of events like sports competitions, dramas, festival celebrations and charity activities, great contributions have been made to WCC community by committee members from Friends of Wellington and Friends of Huili along with other parents from WCC schools, and tens of thousands of pupils, teachers and parents have organized or attended all sorts of school-family events every year.

Best of both worlds with original aspiration

Interaction between WCC teachers

3Competitive salary and welfare system, continuous promotion and training planning and the people-centred, realistic, pragmatic and innovative culture, ensure WCC schools' staff turnover rate of 8.7%, which is significantly lower than the norm in the market of 20%, and nearly 90% of employees highly agree they are proud to work for WCC.

WCC is committed ensuring staff are supported with high quality and impact professional learning. Founded in 2018, Huili Institute of Learning focuses on structured training for teachers and contextually relevant research in order to allow education across the group to be world leading. The IoL also engages in projects with Chinese education systems and international leaders in education; for instance:

• Shanghai Municipality Education Commission's research programme into a comparative analysis of leadership in Chinese, bilingual and international schools

• Pudong Wellington Curriculum and Research Alliance with the support from Shanghai Pudong New Area Education Bureau

• Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes with Durham University

• Inspiring Learning Conferences and series of workshops which have also won the industry's praises

Held in every April, Festival of Education of Wellington College China has become the annual landmark event in international education industry, and thousands of audiences attend in different cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou and Tianjin, discussing topics of "Early Years Focus", "Wellbeing", "A Developing Romance", "Exploring Education" and "Multilingualism". Serving as an open platform, WCC's Festival of Education connects experts with parents and teachers, let worldwide educators know each other, and encourages people to think together about education for future generation.

A Chinese saying goes: it takes 10 years to grow a tree, 100 years to form a good education. We look back to the past 10 years' achievements with great pride, but at the same time we know we've only just embarked on the long and exciting journey of building the world's best bilingual education group.

Thank you for all your devotion and let's look forward to our next 10 years. Together we will achieve amazing things.


Founder and Chair of Governors of Wellington College China

BT 201910

Interview with Peter Randall

Director of Marketing and Admissions

采访 Peter Randall


Congratulations for the recent celebration of the 10th anniversary of Wellington College China. What are the most remarkable memories of these past 10 years?

Well it just goes so fast, but I think for me it is the relationship that has been built up over these years between the staff, parents and pupils. Our aim is to produce well-rounded, highly motivated children and having strong cooperation and trust from both pupils and parents is key. It is an absolute pleasure to work at a school and group which has the interests of the pupils at the core of everything we do.

The creation of the bilingual kindergarten in 2017 was a milestone for us in Tianjin. Being able to offer a bilingual education to both international and local families has been a huge success. Not only teaching pupils in two languages, but bringing together the best practices of east and western teaching methods, has been an inspiration. In a recent discussion, one of our parents said “the education that Wellington provides is not only for the children but also for their families. We can all develop ourselves together.”

Other highlights for me are certainly the annual performances at Wellington which showcase the all-round talent of our pupils. From Les Misérables to West Side Story, we have taken on some very challenging and exciting musicals that really captured the imagination.




How has Wellington College China celebrated such important milestone and what are the other important activities planned for this academic year?

We held a week of celebrations across the group in our schools in Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou. All schools presented awards for our 5- and 10-year service staff. Two of the most memorable highlights of the week saw our senior leaders serving a traditional Tianjin breakfast to over 200 staff; later in the week, our pupils and staff helped to bury a time capsule. The time capsule has been set in the grounds of the school, under supervision of our eager Year 3 pupils, where it will remain buried until 2034.

Of course, we would not be here without the vision of our Founder and Chair of Governors, Ms Joy Qiao, whose passion for education and the teaching of our young people is still as vital today as it was in 2009 when Wellington College China was established.

Some upcoming activities this term will be the much-loved cantata Carmina Burana in the Tianjin Concert Hall on 17th October. Our school choir will perform with the Tianjin symphony orchestra in a not-to-be-missed concert. In the same week, we host the Festival of Higher Education which will see over 60 top tier universities from around the world visit our school. This is an open event for all international and local schools pupils and parents who would like to meet with the college admissions’ officers of some of the most famous universities in the world.

As Mrs. Joy Qiao says: “it takes 10 years to grow a tree, 100 years to form a good education.” What are the main objectives of Wellington College China in the following 2 to 5 years?

The aim of the group in China is to consolidate our position as a premier group of very high-performing schools, transforming the lives of young people from both international and local backgrounds. We want to continue to offer an unrivalled all-round education, ensuring the highest quality of teaching and learning; facilities; and resources. Our pupils and their parents know that the schools in the group will continue to champion independent learning and cutting edge research into education, further ensuring a clear pathway to the leading universities across the globe.



Wellington College China is right now one of the best international education organizations in China, and 40% of the graduated students are going to the world’s top 50 universities. What is the reason of such tremendous success?

I would have to say the educational environment and learning culture we have built up over the last few years is just right. I have seen and worked in many international schools that have been in operation for more than 25 years, and yet have not reached the maturity we have achieved in just over 8 years. We are a school with high expectations and high performing teachers. If we combine that with pupils who are focused and determined to achieve their goals and parents who want their children to fulfil their potential, we have the main key ingredients. Add in the very experienced university guidance team and the sophisticated tutoring programme and you have a recipe for success.



What top advice can you give to parents that would like to enrol their children in Wellington College International Tianjin?

Whatever city or country you are moving to, do your research beforehand. Look at all aspects of teaching and learning and what each school has to offer. Don’t make a final decision until you have seen the schools and talked with the staff and teachers and taken that all important school tour. It is important that you feel comfortable as you will be active partners with the school both educationally and socially.

I have met many parents over the years who chose a school based on the website and maybe a short briefing from their employer but on arrival it did not meet their expectations. So due diligence is a must.

Think about the needs not just for schooling but for the entire family. Living and working abroad or moving from a different school environment can be stressful, especially in the first few weeks and months, so schools can certainly help by being a solid focus for the family.

What do you consider as the hardest challenge you’ve had to face in your current role and how were you able to overcome it?

I don’t think we have a hardest challenge per se, but as I mentioned earlier, I do believe one of the main challenges is for parents. I find more often than not it is the children that settle in quickly with parents often needing to catch up. They say marriage and moving are two of the most stressful times in one’s life. Well, combine that with moving to a new city, country, job or school environment, then add in the inevitable language barrier or cultural differences and this can be a formula for difficulties.

It is very important to me and the school that families fully settle into their new environment quickly and seamlessly. Whether families are arriving from other cities, countries or another school system, having easy access to information, introductions to our parent groups and the buddy system for our pupils all help to smooth the transition to Tianjin and school life.

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