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Business Tianjin OUT! November 2019 Edition
Published on: 2019-11-01
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BT 201911 340X458BT 201911 QR PDFThe world's smart luxury travelers have a new destination and reason to stay in Tianjin. In the Heart of the city, a new state-of-the-art hotel has opened in the vibrant Nankai District. The building design is inspired by the city's historical and cultural landmarks, with stately hotel rooms, European courtyards and stunning interiors that showcase a blend of modern chic and Art Deco.

Conrad Tianjin offers exceptional dining experiences in its four outlets, but also has the third-largest meeting space amongst the city’s hotels. You can feel relaxed and inspired throughout your stay in Conrad Tianjin, and we have the honour to interact in this issue of Business Tianjin with its General Manager, Mr. Fredrik Genberg and learn more about this luxury retreat for all global travelers.

From the economy point of view, it seems that large businesses are facing struggles, perhaps in their international operations, whereas small and medium businesses seem to be growing. The growth of SMEs is usually good, as it generates job opportunities and increases social security.

Optimism was in the air, but not for long. Trade talks seemed to pave the way for good news, but results were lacklustre. Some indicators are pointing in a promising direction, but not all. It seemed that recent positive developments were simply short-term bouts of positive sentiment, and they did not indicate a long-term change in trend and reversal of the ongoing slowdown.

There is reason for optimism, however, which is that both parties, the US and China, benefit from a potential trade agreement. This pressure could possibly lead to an agreement in the last minute, before time runs out.

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Mary Smith

Managing Editor | Business Tianjin Magazine

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BT 201911 QR PDF一家全新的奢华酒店 – 天津康莱德酒店 - 在充满活力的天津市南开区开业。该酒店建筑设计灵感来自天津市的历史和文化地标,拥有豪华酒店客房、欧式庭院和精美的室内设计,融合了现代时尚和装饰艺术。我们很荣幸采访到了天津康莱德酒店总经理福金佰先生,更多地了解这个面向全球旅行者的豪华商务及旅行胜地。





10 ECONOMY: Optimism but not for long

BT 201911 ECONOMY 01
12 COVER STORY: A luxury retreat for the Global Traveler.
Interview with Fredrik Genberg, General Manager of Conrad Tianjin

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BT 201911 REAL 0124 INVESTMENT: Baifendian Technology

BT 201911 INVESTMENT 0126 IN DEPTH: Ties between China and Africa

BT 201911 IN DEPTH 0129 TAX & FINANCE: Pilot program for general VAT taxpayers in the Comprehensive Bonded Zones

BT 201911 TAX0132 E-BIZ: eCorp Formation


42 MARKETING: Smart Homes Meet Even Smarter Marketing

BT 201911 MARKETING 0144 HR: Strategies to Improve Your Employer Brand Awareness

BT 201911 HR 0147 NUMBERS

58 ART & LEISURE: Chinese Preservation Theory

BT 201911 ART 0160 BOOK REVIEW: Never give up. Jack Ma In His Own Words

BT 201911 BOOK 0161 LAST WORDS: Tribute to Tianjin (Part II)BT 201911 last 01


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