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INVESTMENT: Baifendian Group
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Baifendian Group
Leveraging artificial intelligence to the greatest extent
By Morgan Brady

BT 201911 INVESTMENT 01AI is an area of relevance to economists and politicians alike, given its vast implications. And China is walking on a promising trajectory in this domain. One of its biggest companies in this area is Beijing PERCENT Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Baifendian group), which is an information technology company.

Baifendian was established in 2009 and is based in Beijing. It has a wide AI and big data production line. It offers many services; those include its recommendation engine (BRE) and a consumer preference database (very valuable for merchants), Baifendian Analytics Engine (BAE), Big Data Operating System of Technology, Marketing Engine, and User Tag Management. Most of the Baifendian’s services are catered to companies that use the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. The company helps start-ups by building business intelligence systems for them and integrating them into their websites and helping them increase conversion (purchase) rates.



Tapping the power of big data at scale


Su Meng chairman and CEO of Baifendian GroupSu Meng, chairman and CEO of Baifendian Group

In 2017, the company released the first industrial AI decision-making system in China. The aim, according to the CEO, Su Meng, was to help companies make intelligent decisions, by providing them with powerful analysis tools and enabling them to manage [large] data sets efficiently.

The System is called Deep Matrix, and it offers big data analysis tools and artificial intelligence capabilities. It powers many functions, including the automatic identification of business issues, making predictions, and recommending decisions. From this main system stemmed five different applications that are tailored for organizations in specific domains. This includes the intelligent security analysis system Deep Finder, intelligent government decision-making system Deep Governor, intelligent multimedia service system Deep Editor, smart marketing system Deep Creator and smart manufacturing system Deep Sensor.

2017年12月14日,以“决策•进化”为主题的中国首个行业AI决策系统发布会在北京召开。百分点集团正式发布了行业AI决策系统Deep Matrix及覆盖五大行业的决策系统产品,致力于推动企业组织跨越智能鸿沟、向智能决策方向迈进。

Innovation and research efforts


BT 201911 INVESTMENT 03Currently, Baifendian has hundreds of software copyrights and patents. It has a research and development team that consists of hundreds of people with a background from local and international renowned universities and technology companies. It is interested in building links between different actors in the development of technology solutions. This includes stakeholders from the industry, the universities, research environment, and application. This aim prompted Baifendian to establish eight cooperative research centres with top domestic universities and institutions, such as PKU School of Software & Microelectronics - Percent Joint Lab, People's Public Security University of China - Percent Big Data and AI Research Centre, Business School of Central University of Finance and Economics – Percent Finance Big Data Marketing Research Centre, Zhejiang University - Percent Industrial Big Data Joint Lab, Shanghai Jiao Tong University State Energy Smart Grid R&D Centre - Percent Joint Lab, Network Centre of the Communist Youth League of China – Percent AI Joint Lab, CEIEC – Percent Big Data Joint Lab, Nanfang Media Group - Percent National Key Lab of Science & Technology and Standard for the Press and Publishing Industry.




BT 201911 INVESTMENT 02Baifendian Group has raised 1 billion yuan ($151 million), including the latest 400-million-yuan Series D round of financing led by Everbright Securities in 2015, according to company figures. In 2011, it had received $7.2 million in a Series A round of funding led by IDG and Mingly China Growth Fund. In late 2018, the company raised $72 million (500 RMB) in series E round led by National fund. According to one estimate, the company has raised around $177.2 million in funding thus far, and its revenue is around $11.2 m.


Client base and partnerships


BT 201911 INVESTMENT 04Up to this point, Baifendian provided big data services to more than 2,000 companies, including Huawei Technologies and TCL Corporation. It is partnering with more than 300 e-commerce sites and information portals, such as Vancl.com, Coo8.com, 58.com, Xiu.com, Redbaby.com.cn, Mbaobao.com, MasaMaso.com, and Tuniu.com. It has a breadth of operations in various industries, such as finance, manufacturing, public affairs, media publishing, energy, transportation, retailing and e-commerce. This helps it foster cooperation between different industries, which can give rise to new innovations.


Political impetus


BT 201911 INVESTMENT 05Thanks to the Belt and Road initiative, as well as the go out policy, the company can expand and deliver its services to overseas markets. The company has already been cooperating with some African and Latin American governments to build big data and AI platforms at a national level, which can support state actors with social governance.

The rise of this company, among many others in adjacent fields, is quite an interesting phenomenon on a global scale. This is because it signified that China is closing the gap quickly with the United States when it comes to Artificial intelligence. In 2017, around 48 percent of venture capital funding went to China (almost half). China has leverage in this area because of the large volumes of data it collects and its large population. The market is quite large and promising, and it has a considerable global impact. According to an estimate by PwC, artificial intelligence can contribute to global growth in the amount of $15.7 trillion (14 percent growth).



Baifendian is a promising company locally and internationally, and it can be a cornerstone in China’s efforts to become a leader in advanced technologies. The company has received a lot of attention from important investors, and it may be a while before it goes public (if it ever does). At its current rate of performance, growth is nearly certain to happen over the longer term.


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