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Employees fined for not ‘friending’ workmates
Published on: 2019-12-16
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031A media company is coming under online fire after an irate employee posted a message reporting that workers are being fined 100 yuan for blocking their colleagues on WeChat.

The WeChat's Moments function allows a user to send posts that can be read by all their contacts, or create smaller groups of friends for private chats and work-related groups that can include colleagues who have not been included in a user's list of friends.

The employee's post contained a list of the company's rules and their rationale, saying the company wants to promote candor between colleagues. The company also encourages colleagues to add each other as WeChat friends, which would enable the company and all employees to read a person's more private, not work-related posts.

030The employee said the company docks half-day salary for one-day leave, and collects 50 yuan for not including the company's introduction in their email signature.

The company's administration said the fines and rule are outlined in the company's code of conduct, which the employee said has never been distributed.

032"If I worked there, I would repost commercial aids nonstop in my WeChat Moments just to annoy my colleagues and boss," said one netizen.

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