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World Music Tour Stop-over in Tianjin. Talented Liron on the handpan and Simone playing the guitar
Published on: 2019-12-19
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World Music Tour Stop-over in Tianjin

Talented Liron on the handpan and Simone playing the guitar

WeChat Image 20191219174931On 24th of November, Tianjin was the privileged host to a duo of distinguished world musicians on a whirlwind one-stop in their World Music Concert tour. Liron Man and Simone Mor make up the two-man team, Liron playing the fairly unknown handpan and Simone playing the classical guitar, a truly unique combination. The audience was captivated by the accuracy and astonishing speed of the handpan artist, combined with the rich music experiences of both musicians.

poster11月24日《津品生活》双语杂志携手两位杰出的音乐家:人称 “鬼手”手碟演奏家Liron Man和多乐器演奏家Simone Mor,在天津惠灵顿国际学校塞尔登剧场上演了一场手碟与吉他演奏的绝世组合音乐会。

Rare Musical Performance in Tianjin

WeChat Image 20191219175012The audience was thrilled by the soothing music that just seemed to flow from these two young men’s talented hands. It was not a conventional music concert – Liron and Simone engaged the audience from the beginning and the audience enjoyed the conversational atmosphere interspersed with musical interludes. All the music was composed by the two musicians themselves and has a little story of its own. Liron’s very apt translations from English for his Chinese audience were enjoyed by all. These two musicians enthralled the audience with their respective expertise and musical experiences. Simone also demonstrated his multi-instrumentalist talents by playing different flutes, one a reed flute from Hawaii and one he made himself. The musicians invited the audience to ask questions and comment as the performance went on. In the end musicians and audience were all mingling on and off the stage – quite different from normal music concerts and one that was enjoyed by all.

WeChat Image 20191219175016罕见手碟与吉他音乐表演空降天津

这是一场融合视觉和听觉的饕餮盛宴!Liron和Simone的演奏从开场就牢牢吸引了观众,第一次听音乐会,我的目光从未从他们身上离开过!音乐会所有曲子都由两位音乐家自己创作,每一曲都有一个独特的故事。珍贵的是音乐会结束之前,《津品生活》杂志双语主持邀请现场观众参与提问,Liron Man 和Simone 亲切的做在舞台边缘上与观众近距离交流,耐心的回答大家提出的每一个问题,这次音乐会的经历让我永远难忘!

WeChat Image 20191219175026WeChat Image 20191219175032WeChat Image 20191219175037

WeChat Image 20191219175040Liron Man: Extraordinaire Musician

WeChat Image 20191219175008Liron Man hails from Israel and has been a musician for the most of his life. He started playing the piano from the age of four and from there ventured to the electric guitar. He discovered all the various music styles, ranging from Rock and Pop to Metal and many more. His instrumental repertoire includes mandolin, the bouzouki, clarinet and the Ney flute. The obvious next step was percussion instruments and this is where he finally found his niche. As such an accomplished musician, he was exposed to numerous new musical styles, from where he developed his own style.

In 2006, Liron bought his first handpan. The handpan was only created in the year 2000 in Switzerland by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer and is not very common. As there are not many handpan teachers, Liron took it upon himself to learn the instrument, subsequently developing his own uncomplicated and harmonious technique. His instant connection with the instrument, results in man and instrument becoming one in the performance - a quality that audiences immediately recognize and appreciate. Many hang artists world-wide have been influenced by his techniques and he is considered as one of the leading hang musicians in the world today, no mean feat for such a young musician.

Liron Man’s first album titled ‘Solo Con Ellos’ was released in March, 2013. It was an on-going creation, recorded in five different countries and with 19 musicians from all over the world.

010Liron Man:非凡的音乐家

Liron Man来自以色列的音乐家。他的音乐风格从摇滚和流行音乐到金属各种各样。2006年Liron购买了他的第一把手碟,并自学该乐器,随后发展了自己的简单而和谐的技巧。他的技术影响了世界各地的许多手碟艺术家,他被认为是当今世界领先的手碟音乐家之一。

Simone Mor: Artistic Musician

WeChat Image 20191219175029Simone Mor, as you might guess from his dark brooding looks, is a gifted Italian guitarist from the Brescia area in Italy. As a guitarist, he studied and was educated in Flamenco, World Music and Jazz, eventually doing his Master’s Degree in Classical Guitar. He is an authentic multi-instrumentalist and plays a variety of flutes, among others. He has been travelling and playing music all over the world for the last seven years, learning traditional music and developing his very own personal musical style.

The artistic flair with which these two artists unite their respective musical talents, results in such a rare melodious performance that audiences are left intrigued and enthralled at the same time.

We look forward to these musicians’ next visit.

011Simone Mor:多乐器演奏音乐家



The handpan musical instrument

WeChat Image 20191219175023The handpan, or hang instrument, is an unconventional percussion musical instrument that consists of two metal half-shells glued together. It has a centre take field surrounded by a circle of at least seven tone fields (indentations in the metal, which each produces its own sound) on the upper side and an opening in the bottom side. These instruments are all hand-crafted and are also played with bare hands.



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