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ART & LEISURE: Tai Chi Chuan
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Tai Chi Chuan
The Boundless Fist
By Rose Salas

BT 202002 ART 01Taken from the Taiji symbol known as “Yin-Yang”, Tai Chi Chuan means boundless fist or supreme ultimate fist. The theory and practice of this philosophy evolved as a scientific way of strengthening one’s physical and mental health. It is time-honored and one of the famous ancient Chinese martial arts.

The physical movements in this martial art are composed of unified opposite actions, such as forward and backward, right and left, advance and retreat, slow and fast, upward and downward, releasing and withdrawing, pull and push, stretching and bending, opening and closing, inhale and exhale, and rising and falling. Though contradictory, this art is significant because of its two aspects: the essence is spiritual, while the application is martial.

Why did it become famous globally?

Tai Chi Chuan, when performed, can help the performer learn self-defense as well as improve and maintain their health. In the early 20th century, the health benefits of this martial art were promoted, so many people around the globe were influenced to try it. Due to proof from medical studies, Tai Chi came to be seen as beneficial in maintaining one’s physical fitness while also providing the ability to protect one’s self in case of unexpected attack or danger. As your mind focuses on the movements, you develop a state of mental clarity and calmness.

BT 202002 ART 02The Modern Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan

The five traditional elements of Tai Chi are still followed today:
• Taolu- refers to the solo hand and weapons, routines, forms
• Neigong & Qigong- involves breathing, movement/awareness exercises, and meditation
• Tuishou -Response drills
• Sanshou – Self- defense techniques

Some advanced students have also been introduced to traditional Chinese medicine as part of their learning. Tai Chi is the harmony of the mind, body, and soul. Like the principle of Yin-Yang, neither one can exist without the other. If you want to be a student of this martial art, the three major aspects must be present: health, meditation, and martial arts skills.

Your health is very important. Without good physical fitness and sound mind, it is impossible to overcome the challenges of combat in self-defense. It requires disciplined and skillful training so you can respond quickly and appropriately to the attack using the “yielding and sticking” techniques.

According to an article from the Cochrane Library that was published in March 2018, Tai Chi is a good remedy to improve recovery after a stroke. This is how the intervention works:

The psychological benefits reported for Tai Chi include improved attentiveness and sleep, and reduced stress and anxiety. Cardiovascular functions that have been reported to change following Tai Chi include reduced heart rate and blood pressure, increased vagal activity, and reduced cholesterol.

Tai Chi has also been reported to reduce pain in people with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Clinical studies have reported that Tai Chi is an intervention that may benefit many chronic diseases, including Parkinson's disease, depression in the elderly, chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

There are many health-related advantages that you can get from Tai Chi aside from those mentioned above. If you are dealing with sleeping problems, this exercise can help you establish a good sleeping pattern. For the elderly, the risk of falling and breaking bones will be avoided. Through breathing and meditation, you will see improvement in your digestive and respiratory systems.

Tai Chi Chuan may be a centuries-old exercise, but the benefits are still potent and highly effective for many. It continues to grow in different parts of the world because of its holistic approach to wellness. Since it is ideal both for the young and old, you can learn it at any phase of your life. If you are looking for an activity that will relax your body and mind while improving your concentration, Tai Chi is the best choice. You will develop flexibility and allow the internal energies to flow while you align yourself in harmony with the universe!

BT 202002 ART 03太极拳是增强人身心健康的科学方法。它有悠久的历史,是中国古代武术之一。




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