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FEATURE STORY: A Brand New Yan Yuan, A Shining New Star
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A Brand New Yan Yuan,

A Shining New Star
Tianjin Yan Yuan International Hotel


5W3A7316 2Nestled among majestic trees and a landscaped garden lies the Tianjin Yan Yuan International Hotel, a hidden jewel, as many are about to discover. Tianjin residents who have been living in the city for a long time will remember many happy hours from yesteryear, spent at the city’s first 5-Star hotel. As it is set in a secluded area away from the busy streets, it oozes tranquillity and elegance.


BT 202006 FEATURE 01From a long history as an outstanding hotel, the new Tianjin Yan Yuan International Hotel is emerging as a totally renovated establishment, to carry on with its tradition of luxury accommodation, superb meals and excellent service. The hotel has a few secrets up its sleeve, one being the newly landscaped garden complete with luscious green lawn, a wooden deck with comfortable outdoor seating, huge trees that shelter the garden from the heat and sun and a children’s playground area.

BT 202006 FEATURE 02作为一家历史悠久的酒店,其豪华的住宿,高品质的餐饮和优质的服务一直吸引着来自世界各地的商旅人士。酒店有几个小秘密,其中一个就是全新的景观花园 - 燕园咖啡厅草坪,甘美的绿色草坪,舒适的庭院座椅置于户外木质甲板之上,儿童游乐场置落于郁郁葱葱的树木丛中,使得置身于景观花园的顾客既免于炙热阳光的照射又能畅快淋漓的享受宁静自然呼吸。

BT 202006 FEATURE 04The living apartments that form part of the hotel complex have been completely renovated and refurnished with top quality interior décor, all necessary appliances and modern style living finishes.

BT 202006 FEATURE 03酒店服务式公寓已经进行了全新的装修,配备顶级室内装饰和现代化电器,整个公寓使用中性色调,浴室也经过改造,集奢华与典雅与一身。公寓的客人在享受精心修剪的花园和室外网球场的同时,体验着高档的生活方式。

BT 202006 FEATURE 05Subtle but stylish lighting creates a peaceful ambience in the living rooms. The neutral tones used throughout the apartments ensure an unobtrusive palette to which residents can add their own individual tastes. Bathrooms have been revamped with luxury and elegance in mind.

Residents of the apartment annex can enjoy up-market living styles while enjoying the meticulously manicured gardens and an outdoor tennis court. The tennis courts are flood-lit at night and offer residents and hotel guests the opportunity to hone their tennis skills.

What makes the Tianjin Yan Yuan International Hotel truly unique is its location. Not only is it in a historical part of the city, it is set deep into the grounds, far from the busy streets and noisy traffic, which ensures a real escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you want to spoil your family with the hotel’s trade-mark buffet dinners or treat a special person to a traditional high tea, you are sure to forget that you are in the middle of the city. The garden, especially, offers a secluded and serene setting in which to relax and savour the summer weather.

BT 202006 FEATURE 06天津燕园国际大酒店的与众不同之处在于它独特的地理位置,远离繁忙的街道和嘈杂的交通,逃离闹市喧嚣,无论是你和家人一起吃自助餐,亦或者和朋友来点传统的下午茶,你一定会忘记是你在市中心,置身幽静的花园,惬意放松身心,享受夏天。孩子们将乐于探索花园和户外游乐区,家长们可以坐下来享受他们在一起的美好时光。

Children will be happy to explore the garden and outdoor playing area while parents can sit back and enjoy their time together.

The garden lends itself perfectly to events like weddings, celebrations, birthday parties, corporate events and other special occasions. The experienced staff has been catering for these kinds of events for many years, and they will take care of all the details and planning while guests only need to enjoy themselves.

BT 202006 FEATURE 07The hotel has planned a number of exciting events for this summer. Barbecue Garden Dinners in the garden on summer nights are sure to become a favourite for more informal relaxation. If you feel like slipping on a slinky dress and those high heels and sipping a glass of wine while watching the sun set, be sure not to miss the Cocktail Events that will be hosted by the hotel throughout summer.

BT 202006 FEATURE 08燕园咖啡厅草坪非常适合举办各类活动,如私人订制的高端宴会、产品发布会、婚礼、庆典、生日派对、户外BBQ烧烤,公司团建等,酒店拥有工作多年的经验丰富的员工,为您提供细致入微的周到服务。今年夏天第一场花园户外烧烤自助餐已已于6月5日开启。

BT 202006 FEATURE 09Dinner is a time to enjoy with family and friends, and the Gala Dinners at the Tianjin Yan Yuan International Hotel are just the way to do that. Their talented chefs will wow guests with traditional Chinese and Western cuisine.

High Tea is always a special treat. Quality teas and coffees are served with an array of delectable delicacies and can also be enjoyed on the deck in the garden.

BT 202006 FEATURE 10How about just having a good time with good friends? At the Tianjin Yan Yuan International Hotel you can do that too! Don’t wait for a special event – round up your friends and spend a lovely afternoon in the garden under the umbrellas. The hotel menu offers a variety of drinks and snacks. Listen to the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees and the birds frolicking from branch to branch.

This graceful lady has transformed herself into an elegant prima donna. This is where you get that warm feeling of being at home that comes from an era when comfort and style were the norm.

BT 202006 FEATURE 11Whatever your plans for this summer, be sure to include some or all of the events that will be hosted throughout the season at the Tianjin Yan Yuan International Hotel.



BT 202006 FEATURE 12To find out more about special events offered by the hotel or to make reservations for a memorable dinner or special celebration, contact:

LOGO YAN YUAN INTERNATIONAL HOTELTianjin Yan Yuan International Hotel
No. 31 Zijinshan Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
天津燕园国际大酒店 (原喜来登大酒店)
T: +86 22 27313388

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