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Unreasonable restrictions to be called off
Published on: 2020-06-30
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The Chinese city at the center of the pandemic has shown that normal might still be a long way offThe Chinese city at the center of the pandemic has shown that normal might still be a long way off.

China released a circular on Thursday requiring a reduction in the unnecessary movement of people in medium-and high-risk areas, as well as the avoidance of gatherings.

People in medium-and high-risk regions who wish to travel to a different region should hold certificates or green health codes that can prove negative nucleic acid test results, or they must undergo nucleic acid testing or a 14-day supervised quarantine immediately upon arrival, said the circular issued by the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism against COVID-19.

People in low-risk areas are allowed to travel freely with a green health code, a normal body temperature and personal protection, the circular said, adding that people from low-risk areas should avoid visiting medium-and high-risk areas if it's not necessary.

restrict 01The circular urged all localities to rectify any unreasonable restrictions in addition to regular prevention and control measures.

Since May, China has eased its domestic travel restrictions after seeing a significant drop of new locally-transmitted infections.

restrict 02Chinese authorities also standardized the health QR code for COVID-19 nationwide, enabling citizens who carry a green code-meaning they are healthy-to travel freely across the country.

However, the relaxation came to a halt when Beijing reported a new coronavirus outbreak in mid-June linked to a local food market. The city had previously gone 56 days without a locally transmitted case.

Beijing authorities have tightened the lockdown, and from June 16 people in medium-and high-risk areas of Beijing have been prohibited from leaving the city, and those in other areas who do need to leave the city must have a negative test result.



● 一是强调不同风险等级地区人员都要加强个人防护,养成良好的卫生习惯和生活方式,降低疫情传播风险。

● 二是中高风险等级地区尽量减少不必要人员流动,避免人员聚集。有中高风险等级地区旅居史人员跨地区流动时,须持有到达目的地前7日内核酸检测阴性证明或含有相关信息的健康通行码“绿码”,同时做好健康监测和个人防护。无法提供相关信息的人员,到达目的地后应当立即接受核酸检测或接受14天隔离医学观察。瞒报、谎报人员将承担法律责任。

● 三是低风险等级地区人员持健康通行码“绿码”,在测温正常且做好个人防护的前提下可自由有序流动。如无必要,尽量避免前往中高风险地区。


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