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TRAVEL: The Paradise of Ninety Mile Beach
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The Paradise of Ninety Mile Beach
By Nikita Jaeger

travelParadise is none other than Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand. Despite its name, you can’t assume that it’s exactly 90 miles long, but it is not short of natural beauty or many amazing things to enjoy. The beach extends from west of Kaitaia to Cape Reinga, like a long ribbon of sand along the peninsula. Tourists love the beach for its spectacular sunsets and captivating beauty. Visiting this beautiful beach is a must.

本期我们的全球旅游栏目为大家介绍犹如天堂的新西兰九十英里海滩!海滩从凯塔亚(Kaitaia)的西部一直延伸到雷因加角(Cape Reinga),绵延不断,一眼望不到头;太平洋咸咸的海水一遍遍涌上海岸,洁白的细沙与阳光交相辉映。它当然不是恰恰九十英里那么长,可是,长度已经足够让你流连忘返。文章为您详细介绍了签证要求,交通方式,和当地著名的景点和游玩项目。钓鱼,观光直升机,滑沙,冲浪,应有尽有!这里,还是一个非常适合观赏壮观日落的地方。宁静,优雅,让你恢复活力,并且在繁忙的社会中抽出来,松一口气,是你度假的不二胜地。

Visa Requirements

BT 202008 TRAVEL 05Prior to your arrival, ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months from your date of departure. New Zealand offers visitor visas online, and people from visa-exempt countries can enter the country without a visa but must hold an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority). A tourist can stay for nine months in New Zealand within a span of 18 months. The cost of a visa/NZeTA will be NZ$35 per person as International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL).

How to reach the beach

By Air

BT 202008 TRAVEL 01For international passengers, the easiest way to reach Ninety Mile Beach is by air. The nearest international airport is the Auckland airport, which ranks as the 12th best airport in the world and offers excellent connectivity from different parts of the globe. From Auckland, tourists can take daily domestic flights, chartered flights and daily scenic flights to Kaitaia Airport and Kerikeri Airport.

Kaitaia Airport is 63.9 kilometres from Ninety Miles Beach and is mainly used by domestic flight operators. Daily feeder services are available from Auckland to Kaitaia Airport.

Kerikeri Airport, located in the Bay of Islands, is the second closest airport and is 151 kilometres from Ninety Miles Beach. It is used for chartered flights and scenic flight operations. Tourists can find plenty of tour coach services, taxis, and rent-a-car services from the airport.

A five-hour drive from Auckland will take you to Ahipara, the northernmost point, from where you can head toward Ninety Mile Beach. It is a scenic route that passes through many beautiful small towns, as well as Whangarei Falls and Kaitaia.

By Road

BT 202008 TRAVEL 02Traveling by car or other private vehicles to reach this location is not recommended, as you can get bogged down in the sand. You can, however, access the beach via tourist buses from the southern access point at Waipapakauri Ramp, 6 km north of Awanui. The best way to reach the beach is to take a scenic flight from the Bay of Islands or make use of the tourist coach services. Daily coach and flight services are available from the Bay of Islands. Many tourists combine a visit to Ninety Mile Beach with a trip to Cape Reinga, as these spots are very close to one another.

By Rail

BT 202008 TRAVEL 03The train journey within New Zealand provides both luxury and comfort. However, services beyond Auckland are not currently available. Passengers who land at Wellington International Airport can travel in the centrally air-conditioned carriages as far as Auckland, and then use alternative transport options to reach Ninety Mile Beach.

Tourists can travel within New Zealand with a Scenic Rail Pass or Scenic Train/Bus Pass. The Scenic Rail Pass offers unlimited travel options, including ferry travel between the North and South Islands. With the Scenic Train/Bus Pass, tourists can travel on the long-distance national rail service and also the bus travel networks.

By Sea

BT 202008 TRAVEL 04Though tiring, a sea voyage is also a good option for tourists who have enough time to spare for a slower journey. There are many cruise companies and cargo ships offering services to different ports in New Zealand, and from there, tourists can travel to Ninety Mile Beach by road. Passengers looking for a more adventurous journey can opt for yacht crewing, and dock at the popular yacht harbours in Whangarei, Bay of Islands, Auckland, and Wellington.

How to move around the beach

BT 202008 TRAVEL 06Driving in New Zealand is a unique experience compared to driving in other countries. The best way to explore places in New Zealand is to hire a car, campervan, or motorhome.

You must learn about the weather, tides, narrow roads and road rules before you begin your journey. The entire stretch of beach can be negotiated in a 4-wheel drive vehicle before high tide, but be aware that you won't get insurance cover for driving your vehicle on the beach. Also, since beach driving is tricky, there is always a chance that your vehicle will get stuck in the sand. Rescue or vehicle recover facilities and mobile connectivity are very poor in this area; hence, it is highly advisable to use the services of a tour operator for moving around the area.

Potential attractions

Fishing at Ninety Mile Beach

BT 202008 TRAVEL 07At Ninety Mile Beach, you can have the best fishing experience, and don’t be surprised to see large snapper fish and huge sharks a short distance from the shore. People won't go by fishing boat because of the rough sea, so beach fishing is a popular tourist activity. People go for pole and longline fishing.

The fish that you can catch here include tailor, salmon, snapper, gummy shark, yellowtail kingfish, flathead, and much more. A five-day fishing competition, the 'Snapper Bonanza,' is held each year in late February or early March, and is an enjoyable activity designed to inspire the adventurous spirit of tourists.

Cape Reinga Lighthouse

BT 202008 TRAVEL 08This is an iconic masterpiece in New Zealand, located at Cape Reinga. The all-powerful 50-watt lighthouse beacon that can penetrate thick fog and is visible from miles away is a blessing to sailors. The battery-powered beacon gets recharged by powerful solar cells using modern technology. It is an enthralling experience to see the fabulously illuminated lighthouse as it radiates like paradise on earth.

Sand boarding at Ninety Mile Beach

BT 202008 TRAVEL 09As you step onto the beach, you can see the colossal sand dunes formed by the wind. The towering hills of sand are the perfect place to practice sand boarding, and you may feel that you are in the Sahara Desert. If you love adventurous activities, you can lie on a plastic sled and slide down the sandy slopes. Once you gain experience, you will love to slide down again and again, like a child.

Scenic Flights in the Bay of Islands

BT 202008 TRAVEL 10A scenic flight tour is the best option for viewing one of the most stunning panoramas of New Zealand in a two-hour trip. It can take you to Cape Reinga, and passes over the vibrant harbours, small coastal towns, villages, and Ninety Mile Beach. On the ground, as part of the tour program, you will also visit the Cape Reinga lighthouse where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet. A short distance from here, you can see the magnificent bay, where you can stroll on the beach and enjoy light refreshments.

Gum Diggers Park

BT 202008 TRAVEL 11This protected site is a prehistoric buried Kauri forest located north of Kaitaia on the way to Cape Reinga and Ninety Mile Beach. Tourists can reach it within 20 minutes from Kaitaia. The recreated gum village in its traditional form is a fascinating tourist attraction. The authentic gum field, which is more than 100 years old, is preserved in a replica of the gum digging activities, with traditional equipment and other accessories used by the diggers. Another jaw-dropping visual treat is the exhibition of a 100,000-year-old Kauri tree, dug out from the Gum Diggers Park.

The preservation works allow tourists to walk along the trails, and the plaques erected along the trails explain the nature of the digging expeditions. Even though many of the gum caves are full of Kauri tree debris, you can still find the gum excavation tunnels. The gum diggers were an essential part of New Zealand's history, and the tour provides knowledge of how the gum business flourished here, and of the lives of the hard-working workers who tried to harvest it.

Lake Ngatu

BT 202008 TRAVEL 12Lake Ngatu is one of the rarest dune lagoons in New Zealand. It's a freshwater dune lake and also offers a lot of aquatic sports activities. You can enjoy strolling along the banks of the lake, with the comfort of resting on benches for leisure and relaxation.


Ninety Mile Beach is a spectacular location in which to watch the marvellous sunsets, and it has one of the best surf breaks in the world. It is a place of serenity that can rejuvenate your mind and soul and offer a real escape from the stress of modern life.

Hire a 4-wheel drive vehicle and enjoy an adventurous safari along the entire stretch of beach. It would not be easy to find a vehicle that is covered by insurance for driving on this beach, but many tour operators offer group vacation trips with tons of beach activities. Contact your tour operator to arrange an enjoyable vacation at Ninety Mile Beach for awesome activities and a pleasant stay at beautiful resorts.

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