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Foreign reporters can travel freely in closed loop in Winter Games areas, to be quarantined afterwards
Published on: 2021-12-07
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Registered participants including foreign media personnel will be free to move from their residencies to venues, as well as between the three competition areas located in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, by means of designated transport in the areas under "closed-loop" management, the Beijing 2022 Winter Games organizers said at Friday's press briefing.

As the global pandemic situation remains severe and complex, all participants for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will enter a closed-loop management system in order to prevent the possible spread of the pandemic, according to the organizers.

For foreign participants leaving China after the Games, the organizing committee will provide nucleic acid testing services and certification within 48 hours before they depart for international travel. The relevant working staff will also help these overseas participants to complete the health declaration after their departure.

For those foreign participants who will still work or live in China, reporters for example, they will be put under quarantine and leave the closed-loop management afterwards to guarantee epidemic control safety outside of the closed loop.

The duration of quarantine is determined by related experts based on their working scenarios, according to the organizers.



北京冬奥组委新闻宣传部部长、北京市委宣传部常务副部长赵卫东: 我来回答这个问题。所有的注册记者都很关心您提的这个问题。实际上在我们第一版防疫手册中已经明确了相关的问题,我可以负责任地告诉你,进入闭环的注册记者在北京、延庆和张家口之间是可以流动的。鉴于全球疫情形势依旧严峻复杂,为防止可能出现的疫情传播,保证参赛各方健康与安全,我们结合中国疫情防控经验和相关要求,与国际奥委会、国际残奥委会认真研究,决定对涉奥人员严格执行“闭环管理”。我们已经在10月25日和国际奥委会、国际残奥委会联合发布了第一版防疫手册,我们即将在本月发布第二版的防疫手册,这些努力,就是为了保证北京冬奥会在最安全的前提下举行。

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