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Beijing greenlights operation of unmanned self-driving vehicle
Published on: 2023-03-20
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Beijing greenlighted the commercial operation of autonomous driving service without in-car safety supervisors for the first time on Friday.

The first batch of two fully-driverless ride-hailing platforms, which were operated respectively by Chinese tech giant Baidu and autonomous vehicle startup Pony.ai, received approval after a three-month pilot program on public roads.

The pilot program involved the unmanned autonomous vehicles' ability to deal with complex scenarios such as intersections, narrow roadways, as well as extreme weather conditions like rain, snow and sandstorms.

Previously, safety supervisors were required to stay in the driver's seats, passenger seats or second-row seats when the vehicles underwent road tests and commercial operation.

The permit allows Baidu and Pony.ai to provide fully driverless rides without a safety supervisor aboard in a 60-square-kilometer area of the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area.

Residents can summon a driverless car without a safety supervisor inside to travel to various destinations, such as subway stations, key commercial areas, public parks and residential communities, through mobile applications.


11 月 25 日消息,今天,北京正式开放国内首个自动驾驶出行服务商业化试点,并宣布配套管理政策——《北京市智能网联汽车政策先行区自动驾驶出行服务商业化试点管理实施细则(试行)》同步出台,这标志着国内自动驾驶领域从测试示范迈入商业化试点的新阶段。

了解到,百度和小马智行成为首批获许开展商业化试点服务的企业,首批获许开展商业化试点服务的企业,将在北京经开区内 60 平方公里的范围内,开展商业化试点服务。依据管理政策,在保障市场公平竞争原则的前提下,企业可采取市场化定价机制。需向乘客明确收费原则、支付方式等信息,方可开启收费服务。

北京市高级别自动驾驶示范区工作办公室常务副主任捷菲:“这次我们为两家企业颁发了商业化试点的运营许可。未来市民可以在超过 700 个站点,打到自动驾驶的乘用车,车辆数应该是接近 100 辆”。

目前,百度 Apollo 率先取得商业化试点服务试点许可,“萝卜快跑”App 已向公众推送收费功能,初期覆盖经开区 600 多个站点。

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